[TRENDING] BTS Jungkook Investigated By Police For Causing A Minor Car Accident + Big Hit Releases Statement

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Its been revealed that BTS Jungkook has been involved in a minor car accident!

On November 4, through various Korean news outlets, it was revealed that he was being investigated for causing a recent car accident. The Seoul Yongsan Police Station booked Jungkook and questioned him on the charge of violating the Road Traffic Act.

It was reported that he was driving his Mercedes-Benz in the neighborhood of Hannam in Yongsan District on November 2 when he violated traffic laws and ran into a taxi.

It was also revealed that both Jungkook and the taxi driver received treatment at the hospital for minor bruises. After the news broke out and trended all over South Korea, the police were contacted for a statement, however, a source from the police revealed they couldn’t release the exact details since the accident was still being investigated. However, it was revealed the incident didn’t happen due to drunk driving as some antis had been claiming.

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Fans were worried about Jungkook and the taxi driver, luckily, Big Hit released a statement not too long after the news broke out. They explained that Jungkook had admitted to his mistakes and was investigated by the police.

Here is their translated statement:

“We’d like to convey our position regarding the traffic accident of member Jungkook.

Although we are unable to provide further details as the police have not finished their handling of this matter, but Jungkook was driving his car last week when he collided with another vehicle due to his own mistake.

Neither the victim nor Jungkook were seriously injured.

Immediately after the accident, Jungkook admitted that he violated the Road Traffic Act.

The scene was resolved and the police questioning was completed in accordance with due process, and an amicable agreement was smoothly completed with the victim afterwards.

We apologize once again to victim, and also express our apologies for causing concern to fans.

Thank you.”

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