Despite all the anticipation and excitement for 2020 Grammys nominations, BTS fans were in for a surprise when the boys didn’t even receive a nomination.

The prestigious award show announced the full nominees’ list earlier today, BTS were eligible for four categories, Big Hit had also submitted for consideration by the Grammys. BTS had also attended the award ceremony earlier this year, all the signs pointed at a possible nomination but it didn’t happen.

ARMYs had a variety of reactions so it’s impossible to say all the fandom reacted one way or another, some were obviously furious with the award show, others were disappointed with the lack of representation, and some accused the award show of using BTS to boost its ratings.

The good news is a sizeable portion of the fandom decided to do something about the snub and used this opportunity to promote BTS.

Thus the decision came to be this, trend #ThisisBTS on twitter, if you browse the hashtag you’ll see many fans tweeting about how BTS had an effect on their lives and how they inspired them to be the best versions of themselves, many tweets also include listings of BTS accomplishments.

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Regardless of the snub, BTS have literally been able to reach places no other Kpop act has ever been to, they were able to break so many records and compete with worldwide artists. Their most recent album is one of the bestselling albums of 2019 globally. Regardless of the award ceremony or the nomination, BTS have already won ARMYs heart and in all honesty, this is all that matters.

How do you feel about this?


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