Ailee, Amber and Eric Nam are the cutest trio!

Recently, Amber released her MV for the single “Other People,” the MV shows a different side of Amber that fans aren’t used to seeing; the MV also features a kiss scene. Her friends made sure to bring it up and tease her about it.

On November 7, Ailee posted a clip of the kiss scene, Eric and Amber joined in on the fun and started teasing each other.

Ailee captioned,

“Amber Liu- Other People. I remember when u showed us this scene to me and Eric Nam and we just died. #You lose if you’re jealous, #the ASS grab tho, #my baby all grown up.”

Here is how it went down in the comment section:

Fans can’t help but smile checking out their reactions and interactions. You can check out Amber’s newest MV below, what did you think of it?