YG New Hip Hop Show Reportedly Finished Filming But Will Be Put On Hold Due YG Scandals


YG Entertainment is still struggling with the aftermath of its scandals in 2019!

A recent report by Sports Dong-A reports that YG upcoming hip hop program “My Major Is Hip Hop” finished filming but will be likely postponed.

The report was released on October 2nd, despite finishing the filming, the report states that they’re still discussing with broadcasting stations and haven’t secured one yet, which is why the broadcast date remains undecided.

A source tells Sports Dong-A that the reason for the delay is because broadcasting channel wants to avoid public criticism due to YG Entertainment recent scandals. The broadcasting stations fear incurring a loss due to association with the label (owner risk).

“My Major Is Hip Hop” includes many talented rappers including WINNER’s Song Mino, Paloalto, Zion.T, Okasian, and Coogie who will appear on the show as mentors.

The show will aim to discover talented rappers checking hip hop clubs at famous Korean universities. It’s directed by Lee Sang Yoon, the man behind the 4th season of “Show Me the Money” and was chief producer for “Produce 101.”

Source: (A)

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

You just have to admire YG thick skin at this point, really!

After the colossal failure that was “Mixnine” you’d expect people to not want to sign or strike a deal with YG but it seems like we’re wrong.

If they even struggle to debut or give comebacks to their own artists who make millions, do we really expect them to deal with wannabe rappers well? or even care to give them enough respect or do them justice?

I mean all the agencies competing on “Mixnine” couldn’t do shit when YG gave the most impossible deal to adhere to cuz they needed time to debut a group, how does anyone expect them to know how to treat those rising talents? Mind you “Mixnine” scored 1% in ratings and that was before the scandals broke out.

I understand the temptations to create such a show because it brings in not money but keeps people talking about your brand. Even if we were to ignore YG scandals, people are kinda done with this whole survival-revival scenario, the market is already saturated and even Mnet has been struggling to pull in the same ratings as it used to, YG is trying to rival them too much for the sake of only God knows what.

Also, it’d be hilarious if YG thinks that people can just brush off everything they’ve been involved in and watch their show. I don’t blame any broadcasting station, why would you want to receive so much hate for being associated with them?



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