Yang Hyun Suk Unlocks His Instagram Account To Post About Gdragon Sister Wedding

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Yang Hyun Suk is back in the spotlight!

Yang Hyun Suk is currently being investigated by police for suspicions of illegal gambling, he recently completed his second round of police investigations.

For the past seven months and as the drama around Seungri and the “Burning Sun” gate started to flow in, Yang Hyun Suk locked his account and stopped posting to instagram. As more allegations against him came, he kept a very low profile, no one who was not originally following his instagram account could see if he had posted anything.

But now it seems that he’s finally unlocked his account and made it public again. Yang Hyun Suk was invited to Gdragon sister wedding which was held last night on October 11.

He posted a picture of the wedding to instagram and captioned in English with a simple, “Congratulation [sic]!!”

Since this marks his first post in over seven months, k-netizens were not happy to see him back to posting on instagram, many criticizing his brazen behavior while he’s still being investigated. It seems that he became aware of the heavy criticism because he has removed the photo from his account, however, his account remains unlocked for now, anyone can view his account whether they follow him or not.


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