X1 Fan Trends Insulting Hashtag On BTS Jimin Birthday, Issues Apology After It Trended


An X1 fan is getting hate for her actions on BTS Jimin birthday!

On October 13 KST, ARMY began trending many hashtags on BTS Jimin birthday; they expressed their love and support for the BTS member. They helped trend a total of 20 hashtags and took over twitter worldwide trends setting a world record. However, one particular user tried to spoil the fun with her actions. A weird hashtag began trending that caused confusion among the fandom.

An X1 fan started the hashtag “#HappyBirthdayGorila” on twitter and it quickly rose to the trending tab in South Korea, the user bluntly and proudly admitted that she was the person who created this hashtag which upset many ARMY.

ARMY were upset with the X1 fan who tried to spoil the fun, the user says she started it because she liked the nickname ‘Gorlia.’ After getting heat for bragging about it at first, she locked her account which used to be public.

As more ARMY became aware of the situation, many confronted her on her twitter handle and things got heated, due to the criticism she took to twitter to publish an apology.

She says she was ‘joking around with my twitter friends and had no idea this would start appearing on the trending page,’ adding that she was ‘truly sorry.’

She also says she’ll ‘never use twitter again and disappear from everyone,’ and that she ‘deserves the criticism she’s been receiving.’ She apologized in her statement on twitter over and over again.

The user bragging:



where the hashtag trended: https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/jimin-bd.jpg

The apology: https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/jimin-bd.jpg

What do you think of her actions?

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1 thought on “X1 Fan Trends Insulting Hashtag On BTS Jimin Birthday, Issues Apology After It Trended”

  1. No! joke or not, she still bullied and made fun of jimin. They think this was funny. Imagine if someone would trend a mean hastag for you BIRTHDAY, you would be happy and the other people who made it trend are really messed up. You guys hype up messeges like ‘bullying is bad’ when you yourself bully. why do people pick on jimin? Hes an literal angel! Yall gonna bully him until he’s on a peak of insecurity? And when it actually gets bad, you apologise and make excuses like “it was a joke”
    I cant stand your behaviour


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