“When The Camellia Blooms” Scores Its Best Ratings So Far, “Extraordinary You” Ratings Drop


“When The Camellia Blooms” continues to enjoy great success!

KBS series “When The Camellia Blooms” has been making headlines for its intriguing but heartwarming plot since it aired and its ratings have been on the rise with each passing episode.

On October 3rd episode of “When The Camellia Blooms,” it scored an average of 10.2% and 12.9% according to Nielsen Korea, these numbers are their best so far.

“When The Camellia Blooms” is becoming one of the most successful KBS series in 2019. It was able to break the double-digit ratings also early on.

SBS “Secret Boutique” also set a new personal best record to date with its latest episode, which scored average viewership ratings of 5.4% and 5.8%.

On the other hand, the newly premiered MBC series “Extraordinary You” saw lower ratings for its second episode; it scored average ratings of 2.2% and 3.3%.

Which kdrama have you been keeping up with lately?

My Personal Thoughts

I plan on publishing an article that delves into the success of “When The Camellia Blooms,” and in short, its totally deserving of its popularity, I think that it has the potential to reach the 20% if the plot keeps getting interesting.

So far, there hasn’t been one awful episode and each episode offers new interesting revelations, the ratings are totally expected.

Despite having stopped watching high school themed kdramas for 6 years, I couldn’t help but watch “Extraordinary You,” I was actually pleasantly surprised by the plot and the cast, it is cliché and stereotypical but aware of itself, the plot is very interesting but like I said, it will suffer due to its competitors.

I still believe that “Extraordinary You” would’ve gained a lot more buzz if “When The Camellia Blooms” didn’t air on the same time slot. “When The Camellia Blooms” has an equally interesting plot but more experienced and well-known cast.

I am glad to see KBS trying out something new, public channel dramas have been struggling with ratings for years, these days tvN and JTBC dramas can score better despite being a paid cable channels.

“When The Camellia Blooms” has stereotypes but also breaks away from the typical mold of rich-hot-mean male lead which I am forever grateful for. Kang Ha Neul shines in this drama.


  1. I really love when the camellia blooms aired because i like both main character. But im so sad for extraordinary you the drama and cast
    Was so good and i really love it so much . Why? why? the two drama i love the most are competing 🙁


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