This Underrated Girl Group Hasn’t Eaten Carbs In Three Years, Fans Shocked

Being a Kpop idol is no fun ride!

To be a Kpop idol there are a set of characteristics you must have and a set of standards you must maintain. All Kpop idols must maintain a slim body and sometimes, it can take a toll on them. We always hear about idols extreme dieting plans to lose weight and recently an underrated girl group made headlines for their shocking admission about their dieting plan.

Underrated Kpop girl group LABOUM recently made an appearance on SBS Power FM “Choi Hwa Jun’s Power Time,” and what they said during their appearance made headlines everywhere.

The group appeared to promote their most recent comeback, the DJ of the show was shocked to learn that the group is five years old but they’ve only released their first studio album now.

The members explained that their title song “Firework” is about the love between two that is similar to fireworks.

They also talked about their strict dieting plans, Solbin revealed that she managed to lose 12 kg (26 lb) by eating chick peas; she says she actually loves bread but is unable to eat it all the time. The members also said that they all love eating jokbal (pig feet) but due to their strict diet plans, they’re unable to.

When asked what type of YouTube channel they’d like to open in the future, the members said they’d love to do mukbangs so they would be able to eat all the food they want. They revealed that they have not eaten carbs in 3 years due to their dieting plans, which shocked everybody at the studio and everybody else who learned of the news as well.

What do you think of such dieting plans? Do you think they’re necessary?

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