This Cute Moment Of BTS V Holding Jungkook Hands Has Gone Viral

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ARMY have been craving more cute BTS content and V just delivered!

BTS members recently dropped by their new pop-up store “House of BTS” to check it out ahead of its grand opening, some k-ARMY were aware of the members’ plans to visit the place and some came to see them.

ARMY cameras caught BTS V cutely grabbing Jungkook’s hands while heading somewhere within the premise of the store. The cute moment went viral and ARMY couldn’t contain their happiness to see such a cute moment between Jungkook and V.

Check out the cute moment captured from different angles below:

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Lets us know what is your favorite vkook moment?

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  1. I am an ARMY I am scared what will happen if bts enlists I will and and never stop its my mom’s phone k.


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