Today doesn’t seem to be going well for Kpop fans!

Two rising Kpop groups announced the departure of members today, The Boyz and We In The Zone.

On October 23, The Boyz agency released an official statement announcing the departure of Hwall from the group.

The agency explained,

“Due to his ankle pain and poor health condition, member Hwall temporarily halted activities and album promotions to focus on recovery. Along with this, we had in-depth discussions with Hwall and his family regarding his future activities and abilities to promote.”

The agency explains that Hwall expressed his intentions to suspend his activities due to health and mental reasons; The Boyz and the agency decided to respect his decision and thus he has officially left the group.

The agency concluded its statement promising fans that the group will work harder and return with new music soon. They also apologized to fans who have been waiting for Hwall to return.

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We In The Zone agency also announced the departure of member Min ahead of the group’s first official comeback.

The agency explained that due to personal circumstances member Min has withdrawn from the group, his contract officially ended on October 22. They apologized to fans in their statement and wished the fans would continue to support the four remaining members as they do their best.

We In The Zone debuted in May. The group will make a comeback on October 30 with their second mini-album “weee.”

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Are you sad to see Hwall and Min go?



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