Tattoo Shop Involved In BTS Jungkook False Dating Rumor Speaks Up About Harassment, Blackmail And Damages Incurred


It seems that the effect of the false BTS Jungkook dating rumors can still be felt for some people!

A month ago, false rumors of BTS Jungkook dating a tattoo artists spread over social media, the photos were leaked to the public causing a huge frenzy. Back then, Big Hit responded with a firm statement denying the rumors and promising strict legal action against those who spread the photos, the tattoo artist also released a statement denying the dating rumors herself.

However, it seems that the false rumor is still affecting the tattoo shop TA2LUV where the tattoo artist worked. They released a long statement to instagram opening up about how difficult it has been on them since the dating rumors.

On October 13, they uploaded screenshots of various messages they’ve been receiving on instagram and KakaoTalk. Some messages contain severe cursing while others falsely accuse the shop of spreading those photos for their own gain.

The shop explains that these messages were the type of messages they’ve been receiving, they said they received hundreds of them every day.

They also state that they’re aware the people who have been sending such awful messages aren’t real BTS fans,

“Yesterday, we spoke to various BTS fans about several things, and concluded that the people who keep attacking and blackmailing us are mostly not BTS fans. I believed that the situation would have passed easily if we had stayed quiet like Big Hit recommended in the beginning.”

The shop explains that they’ve even had to attend police investigation because someone reported the tattoo shop and that they’re currently receiving psychiatric help, are unable to sleep every night, and spending every day drinking.

They also state that their family and friends have been attacked as well; they also spoke about how Big Hit hasn’t been as helpful as they had hoped they’d be with this situation,

“We also contacted Big Hit for advice on how to handle this situation.

Initially, they expressed their regret and advised us to stay quiet because things would be okay after some time had passed. We blindly trusted and followed their words.

And of course, we had believed they would take the appropriate measures or speak on behalf of us.

In the end, they said that they have no responsibility over this because it happened during Jungkook’s vacation and had not contacted us since. In our last call, they made it seem as if we were expecting some sort of monetary compensation, so we firmly expressed that we didn’t need it and never wanted it.”

The shop also expressed their regret for following Big Hit guidance in this situation, they said,

“We thought that we were the idiots for allowing ourselves to be played by Big hit and the malicious commenters, so after thinking it through, we talked about our situation to some fans through messenger yesterday.”

They also explain that after talking to the fans they found out that the majority of these attacks, blackmailing and reports had been done by people pretending to be BTS fans. They even added that many fans felt apologetic for the entire situation.

And again, they deny the dating rumors of the tattoo artist Mi Joo and Jungkook, they also state that the videos and photos leaked weren’t leaked by any members of the tattoo shop.

The shop also promised strict legal action against the malicious commenters, they say they’ll do their best to track them down and make them take full responsibility.

They finally state they will not be answering anymore questions; they apologized for all of it and thanked BTS fans who encouraged them on. They also added,

“It has also been a while since we contacted both Big Hit and Jungkook.”

After leaving this lengthy statement, the account turned to private.

What are your thoughts on this?

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