Taeyeon Has Fans Guessing With Ambiguous Answer When Asked To Leave SM Entertainment


One of Taeyeon recent fan interactions has people guessing if she plans on staying with SM or not!

Recently, Taeyeon uploaded a story to her instagram account asking fans, “Who do you talk to about your worries?” some of her answers to fans’ questions has people guessing if she wants to leave SM or not.

One fan commented,

“Taeyeon leave SM“. She responded, “why..”

After a couple of answers, another fan commented,

“Please stay with SM “. She responded, “why..”

Her ambiguous answer his fans guessing and speculating whether she wants to leave SM or not. She had previously re-signed with SM in 2017, she’s been with them since her early trainee days.

Netizens and fans alike are divided and articles covering the subjects have some wanting her to leave while others want her to stay. Some guess that she’s thinking of leaving guessing from her answer while others claim that she’s just goofing around with her fans.

Do you think she should leave SM or not?


  1. it’s simple.. it’s not even a question.. they were like ordering her to do it.. they told her to do something without giving her the reason why she needs to do it.. (yes, she herself have her own reasons on what to do..) but that’s not enough reason for her to answer the statement in a yes or no.. manner.. she was just simply asking the fans on their thoughts why she needs to do it..


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