Sulli Had Reportedly Continuously Asked SM Entertainment To Protect Her From Malicious Comments

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A recent report by Korean news outlet Busan Report has gone viral!

An entertainment official had revealed during an interview with the news outlet that Sulli had a hard time adjusting and dealing with negative hateful comments and that she constantly asked her agency to provide support for her and take proper legal action against these commenters.

Its being reported that Sulli had told the agency through her manager but their response was passive.

Its worthy to note that last year, SM announced their plans to take strong legal action against malicious comments by netizens against Sulli, however, that didn’t go as well as fans had hoped to because they later released a comment addressing the difficulty of identifying such commenters,

“The malicious commenter’s IP address is registered overseas, so it is difficult to find and punish these criminals. The IP address was made temporarily just for the use of such comments, making it hard for us to catch them.”

The entertainment official goes on to explain that the situation would’ve likely turned out differently if they had been a bit more aggressive with their methods to find and punish those commenters as well as taking care of their artists’ mental health.

The entertainment official also added that the system needs to change so the agencies wouldn’t just focus on popular artists.

Sulli has long spoken about negative comments and how much they used to hurt her.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you think SM should’ve been more active in pursuing those commenters?

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  1. As a parent first and for for most. I would definitely 1. Take some sort of legal actions against those haters. 2. I would take legal action against her agency because they did not do any thing for her while she repeatedly asked for help..
    I honestly do not understand why this young people in the the industry in Korea are not getting the proper help. There’s nothing wrong with being depressed but from my stand point most people make it seem like you are monster if you have some sort of mental illness. I guess it’s true that once a large entertainment business is done using you for their gain they just toss you away like trash and once something the death of a young person then they so concerned. It’s funny how this so called netizens are now supporting her, they are one of the reasons why so many idols are in this mental state to begin with.
    1. Idols are not your property, they are their own individual person. 2. They are human just like everyone else, yes with FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS!!!!. 3. They need to have some sort of normalcy in their life but I seriously doubt that will happen. Now as far as playing the blaming game, the blame needs to be put on those malicious commenters and those not willing to help her. I also believe that parents need to be more involved in their children’s lives especially when they are under age and this large agencies are putting thru the hell. I know if were one of the parents of a trainee the agency would probably hate me because I would definitely be a mama bear.

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