Starship Entertainment Explains Rumors Of MONSTA X Shownu Alleged Affair With A Married Woman

Starship Entertainment is having a terrible day with the press!

Shownu is the next MONSTA X member to be involved in controversy and it’s a huge one. Han Seo Hee previously revealed screenshots of an unnamed man alleged texts with Starship Entertainment claiming that Shownu had an affair with his wife. The texts show that Shownu was unaware of the woman even being in a relationship.

The screenshots are unverified but they spread quickly like wildfire leading to many speculations about Shownu’s involvement with that woman in question.

In response to those rumors, Starship Entertainment released an official statement to explain the situation and the circumstances surrounding it.

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Here is their translated statement below:

“Shownu had been in touch with that woman before her marriage, and she recently got married around August, but our agency confirmed that she didn’t tell Shownu

After that, her husband contacted the agency, we met him and explained everything to him, and after learning about the wedding, Shownu didn’t contact the woman at all.

Shownu also said he would not be involved in a married couple relationship because it was between them, also the text message sent confirms his position through our law firm.

Regardless of the situation, we deeply apologize for hurting those involved and causing trouble to fans. In addition, from the perspective of an agency that has an obligation to protect artists, please understand that legal action can be taken against excessive misunderstandings and speculations.”

What do you think of this?

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6 thoughts on “Starship Entertainment Explains Rumors Of MONSTA X Shownu Alleged Affair With A Married Woman”

  1. Someone at Starship might want to look into other groups who might be afraid of MONSTA X possibly becoming as popular and loved as much as another group Is!?!?

  2. They are trying tear my babies apart. I don’t care what Wonho did in the past, what’s most important is that he worked hard to change that about himself. And Shonwu doesn’t deserve this shit, he didn’t even know she was married. Like please, stop tearing apart one of my most favorite kpop band.


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