Singer Heize has a message to Korean reporters and media outlets.

Heize recently made a guest appearance on “Kim Young Cheol’s Power FM,” she talked about her new album and discussed her past love life as well.

However, many Korean news outlets twisted her words and brought up a past incident where she cried bringing up her ex-boyfriend.

The reasons he cried that time was when she brought up her ex-boyfriend kind actions towards her, revealing they broke up but he used to gift her with lots of things and helped her out when she was unknown.

The past incident occurred a couple of years. However, during her most recent appearance, she didn’t cry.

Some Korean news outlets tried to link the past radio appearance to this one making it seems as if she cried on her recent guest appearance on “Kim Young Cheol’s Power FM.”

Heize took to instagram to ask reporters to refrain from spreading fake news,

“I never cried on today’s radio show. Don’t bring up things from years ago as if I talked about it today. It would make a lot of people uncomfortable.”

Fans of Heize have been reaching out to various news outlets that covered this to ask them to take it down or to correct it.

What do you think of this?