Prepare To Say Goodbye To I.O.I Possible Return? Insider Says Comeback Possibility Virtually Nonexistent

It could be that I.O.I will not be making a comeback anymore!

Previously, I.O.I fans were delighted to hear news of their favorite group comeback. It was previously reported that the group would be returning in October, however, due to various factors, the group comeback was delayed to December.

Despite the delay, I.O.I fans continued to hold on to hope, Chungha even shared photos from the recording session besides other I.O.I members.

However, according to recent reports by various Korean news outlets, I.O.I comeback could be not happening at all.

Initially, I.O.I were supposed to return as nine members without Jeon Somi and Yoo Yeon Jung, however, its been reported that PRISTIN member Kyulkyung won’t be able to join due to promotions in China and that Choi Yoo Jung won’t be able to join due to health issues, she’s currently taking a hiatus.

Along with more members missing from the comeback plans, Mnet is currently embroiled in a huge controversy over vote-rigging allegations; the police are currently investigating all season of Produce series.

An insider told news outlets,

“CJENM is no longer discussing the IOI members’ reunion with their agencies. The comeback song hasn’t even been selected or in the process of being produced. The police investigation into CJENM is also making it difficult for a reunion.”

The insider also added that there isn’t enough justification to proceed with a comeback with four members missing due to various reasons.

No official statement on whether the group comeback will proceed or not has been released by CJENM or I.O.I members’ agencies.

Stay tuned for updates!

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What do you think will happen?

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My Personal Thoughts

Mnet is under heavy scrutiny as we speak due to the vote-rigging controversy. And the Korean GP is very critical of them, and justifiably so. If you want to debut people according to your liking then don’t involve and trick the public into thinking they contributed to it. If proven true, I think the entire produce series could come to an end.

It’s sad because we saw Chungha share photos from recording sessions and fans were super excited, the members also seemed to be super excited. Since the police investigation is highlighted, I doubt any member agency wants anything to do with CJENM or the police since it could bring attention to them and it could significantly hurt not only the I.O.I member but their agency and if they have a group, their group members.

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