[BREAKING] Police Reportedly Found Evidence That Confirms 2-3 Members Of X1 Votes Were Rigged


Police are cranking up the heat on Mnet and the agencies in relation to X1 suspected vote rigging!

Two important updates on the ongoing police investigation into the suspected vote manipulation by mnet were published today. The first one being that police forces conducted search and seizure warrant inside MBK Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and more which are the agencies that house some of the currently debuted X1 members.

The police are currently looking into investigating the accusations since viewers participated in the paid voting via text. They will look over any evidence obtained from the seizure that reveals direct contact between the agencies of X1 members and Mnet.

The second and bigger news is that it’s been reported that police have obtained evidence that proves 2-3 members among the selected X1 members’ final votes were rigged. Media outlet “CBS No Cut News” reported that the members’ votes would’ve placed them below the top 11 but their votes were altered to beat the real deserved winners and gained them those spots in the top 11.

“CBS No Cut News” also reports that police have booked several staff members of “Produce X 101” including the PD for charges of interference of business. Police will be looking for evidence that proves monetary exchange between the agencies that were raided and Mnet.

The investigation has been going on for three months and it started back in July after many fans pointed out that the votes were statistically impossible. Since then, many shows including “Produce 101” and “Idol School” were also suspected and police investigation expanded to all series of “Produce 101.”

Stay tuned for updates!

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