MONSTA X Wonho Involved In Second Controversy This Week? TV Personality Says He Owes Her Money

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People are just not letting MONSTA X Wonho breath!

On October 29, former TV personality and Han Seo Hee’s supposed girlfriend, Jung Da Eun posted to Instagram something that went viral. She claims that MONSTA X Wonho owes her money.

She posted a picture of him through the TV screen and said that he owes her money and whenever she tried to contact him she’d get ignored. She said,

“Hoseok, when exactly are you going to pay me back? kekeke.”

In the comment section she added that whenever she finds out his number, he avoids her.

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Her alleged girlfriend Han Seo Hee added even more fuel to the fire and claimed that he owes her 30 million won (~$26,000 USD) from about 6 years ago adding that her friends also confirmed the story.

Here is the post:

The story became so big and ended up getting covered by various Korean news outlets; some netizens defended Wonho while others criticized him and said that he should pay her back.

The issue grew so big that Starship had to issue a response; they defended Wonho and stated that nothing Jung Da Eun said was true and that all their claims are far from the truth,

“After confirming the details, we found out that it’s not true at all. We don’t feel the need to respond to her claims.”

Han Seo Hee is a very controversial figure in the Kpop industry; she was involved in T.O.P drug case and is the whistleblower for former iKON member B.I ongoing drug case.

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MONSTA X fans are extremely furious with both of them and demand that Starship take legal action against them for spreading false information.

This is the second controversy that Wonho has been involved in this week alone, earlier this week; it was reported that he made a joke of the “#MeToo” movement; he ended up issuing an apology to fans.

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  1. WOW! He was push down from a false edited video by a person who sent out 2 days before their comeback and this person couldn’t help but kick him with this false statement. And netizens and some Monbebe right away sent out hate comments without first researching the facts. What the hell is wrong with you guys? Do you feed off of hatred and bullying to make yourself feel better? Monsta X have already been publicly disrespected in the US twice (mind you, I am from the US and felt so ashamed about how they were treated) and now this. When this is all over, Starship better take action and sue the jerks that started all this and the netizens and Monbebe who threw out those hate comments. Make sure they apologize. We are trying to make sure that all idols mental and emotional health is in top shape so they can concentrate on performing for us and giving us their best. I do not want to see another idol take their life because of false rumors and cyberbullying from you. You know who you are. This is crap.

  2. WTF is wrong with han seo hee did she lost her mind ??? Shes not even involve in the issue but shes even adding a fuel to it gosh shes getting into my nerves!!! Shes even involve in a controversy isnt she suppose to behave so that she can maintain her fame????

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