Mnet TMI Reveals How BIGBANG Gdragon Was Able To Make More Than $1 Million From Royalties


BIGBANG Gdragon’s talent basically set him for life!

In the most recent episode of Mnet TMI News, they spill the tea, this time regarding how much the leader of one of the biggest Kpop groups makes from royalties.

The show revealed a list of stars who make the most money out of royalties, in first place, as usual, was none other than BIGBANG Gdragon.

BIGBANG Gdragon road to fame wasn’t easy, it was filled with challenges and uncertainty but once he and his group were able to showcase their talents, people were hooked.

He began composing music at the tender age of 13 and went on to become one of the biggest idols in South Korea. After composing BIGBANG hit track “Lies,” Gdragon took part in composing more hit tracks for his group and for himself including ”, “FANTASTIC BABY”, “HEART BREAKER” and more.

Gdragon has a total of 173 songs under his name and according to Mnet TMI News, he reportedly makes around 1.4 billion won (~$1.2 million US) a year from royalties alone.

This in turn means that Gdragon could literally stop making music and he won’t be affected, he’d still be set for life relying solely on the royalties he earns yearly.

VIPs are proud of their leader and know well that this is the result of hard work and determination. VIPs can’t wait to hear new music from Gdragon soon; he’s set to be discharged from the military on October 26.

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You can check out Mnet TMI News report on this interesting subject below:

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