Mnet Receives Heavy Backlash For Pushing Ahead With New Survival Show Despite Current Police Investigation


Guess who’s coming back with a new survival show?

On October 21, various Korean news outlets reported that Mnet was preparing for an upcoming survival show. Mnet responded to those reports by confirming that they’re indeed preparing for one.

Through a source, they stated that they’re ‘planning and preparing stages for a new survival show called ‘Teen singers’ that is set to air in the first half of 2020.’

According to the source, the upcoming survival show will focus on teenagers who have amazing vocal talents; it will be similar to their previous survival show ‘High School Rapper.’ The PD (producing director) has not been picked yet since the show is still in the planning phase.

Mnet is currently being investigated by the police for allegedly manipulating the rankings of idols for almost all of their survival shows, since then, many insiders, agencies, idol-contestants and more came out with statements detailing just how deep the issue is with Mnet.

And as you’d expect, they’re currently being heavily criticized for their nonchalant attitude despite being investigated by the police, many are criticizing Mnet for their handling of the situation and for unapologetically moving ahead with another survival show.

Will you be watching Mnet upcoming survival show?

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