BLACKPINK fans are fighting back against insensitive articles and headlines that could hurt the members’ feelings.

With the rising concern among fans for idols’ well-being and mental health, many are starting to speak up more and to voice their opinions regarding insensitive articles that incite hate towards idols.

On October 17, BLACKPINK were spotted at Gimpo Airport heading to Tokyo. Most of the members were dressed in black, fans had noticed that Jennie looked particularly unwell; she kept her head down and looked like she was in pain.

Jisoo was by Jennie’s side and made sure that she was taken care of. Reporters snapped many photos of the girls, however, one particular reporter decided to title Jennie’s article in a way that made BLINKs furious.

The article was titled ‘BLACKPINK Jennie ‘I feel depressed today.’

Netizens started defending Jennie and heavily criticized the reporter for the way they phrased their article, they asked reporters to stop trying to incite hate on Jennie and to stop trying to initiate issues or create unlikely scenarios from one snapshot. Netizens also asked the reporter not to speculate on Jennie’s mental health on her behalf like that.

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Jennie’s name began trending in Nate as a result.

What do you think of these types of headlines? Do you agree with netizens?