Korean Media Speculates Whether BIGBANG Gdragon Will Be Able To Save YG Upon His Military Discharge


BIGBANG Gdragon is making headlines all over South Korea again; he is set to be discharged very soon!

BIGBANG Gdragon is set to be discharged on October 26, which is only 5 days from now. His return is highly anticipated and many Korean reporters and media outlets wonder if he’ll be able to save YG with his return or not.

During his absence due to military service, his agency, YG Entertainment, was embroiled in several controversies starting with Seungri’s Burning Sun gate, added to Yang Hyun Suk’s prostitution mediation and gambling scandal, as well as B.I’s drug accusations.

Some Korean reporters claim that BIGBANG Gdragon can save YG with his return and that YG needs him desperately to help save the company that has been severely hit by many scandals.

However, many VIPs are not onboard with how the Korean media is portraying Gdragon’s return, many are afraid this would place immense pressure on Gdragon’s shoulders.

What do you think of this? Do you think BIGBANG Gdragon can save YG?

My Personal Thoughts

I think this is an interesting discussion hence why I am talking about it.

Seeing how everything unfolded, I can see that YG refuses to go down without a fight and what’s going well for them is their good music. They have some unproblematic singers such as WINNER, Lee Hi and AKMU. AKMU’s comeback achieved a perfect-all-kill and has undoubtedly been the most successful YG artists’ comeback of 2019 in South Korea.

I think there is hope for them because of the artists I mentioned which is why they’re pushing for WINNER’s comeback despite netizens tearing the agency into pieces with their heavily critical comments.

Gdragon has had problems with his military service and in case you know a bit about Korean culture, that’s a sensitive issue, I am not going to comment on that because I am not Korean and my opinion isn’t important in the case of Gdragon military service, it’s up for k-netizens to forgive him or not.

However, Gdragon has a huge international fanbase so does BIGBANG and I predict that even if they’re faced with scrutiny, they’ll still make a comeback. I highly doubt the agency re-signed them to shelf them. Also, they’re huge artists who make a lot of money, why would YG set them aside when they’re operating in deficit?

They’re still under a contract with YG and must work by their contract and I am sure YG can’t wait to have them back.

Regarding ‘saving YG’ I don’t think BIGBANG can do that in the moral sense because the name BIGBANG is associated with lots of scandals, but BIGBANG certainly can help secure money which YG can use to work better on their image and give comebacks to less problematic artists and debut more acts. It’s a funnel, so in a way BIGBANG can help save YG.

They’ll certainly help with sales overseas and if they come back I speculate a tour would follow, we all know that tours make the most money, so of course, they’ll be able to help YG.

Personally speaking, I don’t think any particular act can SAVE them. It’ll depend on whether they have more scandals and how the agency handles their scandals; the PR team must step up their game. So far, despite the change in management, I see the same YG methods. We have to wait and see if they’ll survive this.


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