K-Netizens React With Embarrassment After Hearing SuperM Debut Track


SuperM has finally made their highly awaited American debut!

The super project group was first announced months ago to mixed reactions from fans, despite that, SM and Capitol Records carried on with the intended debut plans.

On October 4, SuperM debuted with their first mini-album “SuperM” and the title track “Jopping.”

On one of the most popular Naver article covering the debut of SuperM, reactions were rather negative; here are what some K-netizens are saying: [taken from the top voted comments on the article]

“Lets not go oversea and embarrass ourselves with a song like this.”

“Its really bad… so bad. I like Baekhyun, Kai and Mark but I think this sucks… do they think that this song was a good choice because they were screaming so loud? Seriously…”

“What ‘as expected from Lee Soo Man?’ he took kids who were doing just fine and was shooting Age of Peace 2? This isn’t the early 2000s.”

“They’re really faces of SM.”

“As soon as I watched the first scene, I cringed… even rookie idols can do better than that… Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai… What to do… Seriously, feels like they’ve been sacrificed… the song is so bad as well… ugh.”

“They spent a lot on the MV but it feels like it was rushed… there is no emotion and it just looks like MV to flex… I kept feeling embarrassed…”

“I watched the video and it sounds like typical SM sound, it has an awkward R&b part+ sudden high note+ individual and characteristic rap parts.”

“SM has lost its touch…”

You can check out the debut MV below, do you agree with netizens or not?

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My Personal Thoughts

I checked out the track and it’s very similar to some EXO songs and some NCT songs as well. In short, I didn’t like it. It felt like it was all over the place, the lyrics were cringy and overly repetitive, it looks like a song from the early 2000s.

I’ve heard many better American tracks about popping your head and dancing all night long but they were arranged way better than Jopping. I know that many kpop fans love this track, since naturally, we all have different taste but let’s compare this track to the top 50 of the current HOT 100 on billboard.

If you take a look (which I recommend) you will find that the song sound is very different from what the general American public listens to, I don’t understand what Lee Soo man was thinking will all honesty… I am baffled! SM had amazing resources put into this and this is what they came up with? I expected better from SM.

If their aim is to concur the American market they must try to bring their own unique musical color infused with what people currently listen to so it doesn’t feel foreign to them. (Mind you I am not talking about Kpop fans but average music listeners in America)

Americans, in general, don’t really care about MVs as much as we Kpop fans do. If the song is good then they don’t really care if it has an MV or not. Having a lavish MV does not really determine the quality of the song.

Did Capitol really see this and think to themselves ‘you know what, they’ll break the internet’? Capitol knows how the American market works, how come this is the outcome we have?

Of course, I would love for more Kpop acts to break into the west, the more the better. I am not trying to be negative, but it pains me that these boys are working so hard on something that could’ve easily been done better.

We have to wait and see if SuperM is a success or not, so far, it’s looking average. I’ll talk more about my opinion when chart results come out.


  1. Honestly the group is full of talented artists but the song did them no justice. I found it cringe and it came across as presumptuous and pompous.
    I don’t believe the general public (non KPOP fans) will buy into this. Though the MV is good, the song really is not.
    It is not fair that SM in some bid to provide the next big thing in KPOP and wanting to push the ‘Avengers of Kpop’ Idea, really took little regard for its artists and not much preparation to carry it out successfully. Genuineness seems to be lacking in their endeavour. And comparisons to the group that currently is the most accomplished do not help either.
    Leave the comparisons and let the group be who they need to be with their unique colours and proper/ suitable songs!

  2. I like the song but the result of the chart was not good enough. I hope SuperM will come back with a better song and kill all the charts. It is just the beginning. Lee Soo Man is a smart person who can fix his mistake. Our boys are amazing. They all have worked hard and they only have to deserve love.

  3. I have just recently started exploring the world of K-Pop. As an American who hasnt liked the music on the charts in 20 yr, i find this refreshing and enjoyed it greatly. The music, dancing and video concept was great in my oppinion. The lyrics were a bit generic but not awful. Over all i loved it and plan on following them for the long haul. Of course when something starts its always a rough draft and time is used to perfect it…if any one can perfect it its these extremely hard working men who you can see put their heart and soul into all they do.

  4. Honestly feel like SM really ruined them. The song wasn’t very good in my opinion and the voices of each member didn’t seem like they went together. It seemed like they were rapping at one second and then moving their singers in to finish one part after. It was a jopping mess. Honestly thought there would be more to see. I don’t think I’m going to continue with them though. Feels like they are just being used.

  5. This first attempt is a mess and I do mean hot mess! If SM and Capital were trying to gauge what the Pu of the Western x UK market response would be to this song and the overall group…then based on responses I’ve read and my own feeling…a complete FAIL!

    They need to go back to the drawing board…and start by getting rid of the people who thought this was a good idea…I mean FIRED, clear your desk!!! 2nd, they need to hit the streets and find the talent…authentic talent…3rd high new development that have their fingers on the pulse of the music market…ans let those newly recruited express themselves…give freedom to the artist…because gone are the days of oppressive management…otherwise keep to the market you have more success with…the Asian market.

  6. When anti’s have a platform to speak on the internet…

    I saw far more positive comments on social media than negative ones by a long shot. The song was fire, and they killed it.

    • I totally agree with you people need to look at the new band and the new sound because of course it’s different. The MV has over 13M views and climbing and it just debuted yesterday.

    • bruh the song was awful and we all know damn well superm was a rpugh and desperate move from their company to somehow enter the american music charts, however, it did not work as well as they wanted to. every single member has already an established fanbase and are loved by many individually, so why the need for a group? i wish them well and hopefully they enter charts, but not like this, not forcefully.

    • The thing is SuperM is different. We have talented idols coming from different groups in one group. No one have seen this before, it’s different. That’s why people don’t like it or feel embarrassed or whatever…
      And about western market, many korean groups are doing the same thing but in an other way. They’re passionated on what they’re doing but they need money too! Being internationally known will help them to have a lot of money, and the best place to be globally known is the US.
      Exo went through a lot when they debuted, so it’s just how it is. Haters exist for a reason, to push them to work harder and harder.

    • So people are antis now for not liking something? I’m a huge kpop fan and EXO is my UB group and this song was super garbage. Like SM really embarrassed 3 kpop legends like this (kai, baek and taemin). SM was desperate and rushed this. This song is not it. It won’t find a place in the us market at all. The English lyrics are so cringe. Don’t be Delulu and think this will make them Stick here. This is not the song for us audiences. SM needs to rethink their marketing and their concepts because this early 2000s thing they are still holding onto is not it.

  7. I loved this song. I don’t know what you were listening to but I found it a very good mix of all the different group sounds and talents. It was very in your face. Here we are and you can’t do anything about it. I think that’s what people didn’t like was how hype this song is. These boys have been getting hate since day one and it’s not fair. If this was a new band everyone would be all over it so look at it like that and don’t take what other people are saying because 90% of them didn’t actually listen to their songs. I’m a Super M fan all the way. #WeAreTheFuture #AvengersOfKpop

  8. That song is going nowhere with average American listeners. The lyrics cringe, their name cringes, the slogans, Avengers of kpop. All of these are things that make them come across as people who don’t know a thing about the U.S. market. I’m honestly confused that Capital thinks it’s a hit. I noticed they are bundling the CD with the concert ticket sale. If I’m not mistaken, that will allow the CD to be considered as a sell for BB. So basically good concert sales will give the impression that they are a hit with average American music buyers. From the mass ads on twitt they are already being ridiculed by some Americans. The cringy lyrics and the title Jopping itself is going to add to that. All that talent and they gave them cringy lyrics. I hope my fellow Americans aren’t going to be as vicious as I know they Can be. Kpop. fans are going to be the only ones really supporting that song. Those guys don’t deserve what they are going to encounter.

    • I remember when this was announced and the name SuperM gave me great pause and when they said they wanted western success I laughed. Not with that name. The average American listener is going to laugh at that name and the song, the lyrics and Avengers of Kpop. They come off as a joke. It has no appeal here and def not for radio. Plus they don’t even sing live. Another thing that will get them clowned.

      • Please where exactly are you from? Making SuperM was/is an amazing decision. I don’t see a problem with an international boy group filled with some of the best visual on the K-pop industry. With “that name”, SuperM have made it with their debut song. They literally radiate very strong sexy appeal. I don’t see anything wrong with their name especially for the fact that they are from SM entertainment company. There is also nothing wrong with their song or the lyrics or the Avengers of K-pop and in case if you don’t know, their vocals are amazing(since you have WiFi to waste, you should also listen to them singing live). For what you wrote, you did not only just insult SuperM but you also insulted the fans of SHINee, EXO, NCT and WavyV and I find your comment very disrespectful. I understand that you and everyone here has a right to your opinion but this is defamation.

  9. i love the song but agree that the american public may not catch on as much as lee sooman wanted. hopefully, superm’s next release will also be great but a bit more similar to radio charting artists music, if what they really want is the general public’s attention. loved the b-sides tho

  10. SuperM is a hand picked collection of talented idols that have a following with their original groups. The music video looks like a nice compilation and typical of kpop MV’s (over the top and busy). Americans like tunes. If the tune is good (lyrics with meaning) and has a good hook, it will climb the charts. Jopping? they couldnt do better than that? I feel bad for the idols because it seems like they were used for SM to gain some popularity because Big Hit is buring them. Idols work hard, no american boy at 13 would go live in a small dorm away from his family for years and train 10 hours a day for years before they debut, but thats another topic. these 7 guys have busy schedules with their own groups and then to add this new formed band on top of that. Yes, their visuals, and each of those 7 are centers. Kpop is a manufactured machine and it works well in S. Korea because they are homogeneous. In the USA, we have a melting pot/variety of artists because the same thing doesnt please everyone. SM needs help. Ibwould be willing to guide them in expanding into the states, but it will require work. I know the idols are used to working hard everyday, but being in two groups will not work. either scrap the group they are in and work on superm or get all new guys with no following and build them the right way. In a few years, they may be big. But it wont happen with one mini album and a few concerts in one month. Stardom will not happen overnight. It requires commitment and a lot of work. Americans are not dumb.

    • Taeyong and Mark are already in 2 units of NCT. This is their 3rd group. Taeyong is also the leader of ALL NCT units. Ridiculous for all the idols in SuperM, regardless. Especially if they are touring. This is what the fans were afraid of, screwing the groups we already love. It’s a shame.

  11. I like SM artists so much. Jopping is definitely an SM sound but not the best. They would do much better, to think that SuperM have a lot of potential if given the right songs. The rest of the ep are awesome though.
    Also, true, i feel like the mv wasn’t particularly impressive, i like superhuman, love shot and take off mvs better. Guess, we expected too much. ‍♀️

  12. I kinda agree that the song didn’t really got that impact I expected and they didn’t showcase Barkhyun’s vocals like how I expected it to be, it’s like okay a simple highnote for him and that’s enough like bruh the song could be a lot more better when the boy shows what he really got and that’s not just a simply highnote. but other than that, I like the rap part and the boys are really talented. I know sm can do better than this the next time they make a comeback.

  13. I honestly don’t understand people saying this song was bad…. Like seriously how bad is your music taste? It was a really good debut song. The MV was so good. It’s probably just people who never supported SUPERM from the beginning who’re saying this just so they have a reason to do so.

    • A good debut song for the korean market. Not the US. SM specifically wants US clout bc of a certain other 7 member group. I stan EXO hard and I wanted to really like this song bc of them, but nope. This isn’t it. Perf for Korean audience but not here.

      • It was clearly mentioned that it was going to be a US DEBUT… And I don’t get it… Why just why? I mean does this make sense to you? They’re all working so damn hard. A new language, the hard choreos and the hectic schedules. The song has such a futuristic view that makes it really good. Why hate on it? Sorry I know I sound really rude but I had to say it.

  14. As a big fan of kpop, I found this debut to be so embarrassing. The concept overall is just corny and inorganic. I feel bad for the members since I like them all individually and I love the groups they are from but this was a mess.

  15. I don’t know what the hell all of you are saying but that song was really amazing. The visuals, the choreography, the MV, the lyrics, the vocals(especially Baekhyun’s), everything, it was amazing. I don’t know you people’s definition of a good song but Super M’s debut songs are amazing. Even though people don’t like the fact that they chose already famous people and put them in a group for an American debut and Lee Soo Man refused to do the same for EXO doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hate on the song. It was amazing and none of you could have done better. I’d you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all.

  16. Spare the boys, please. Exactly how many debut songs topped the charts? It’s really harsh to use their debut song to determine whether they did well or bad. Everything takes time and I personally didn’t like the song very much, but let’s just appreciate the boys’ hard work and be more patient for the following stuff to come. After listening to it a few times, I actually think it’s special and mind you, as a 5year EXO-L, it does not sound anything like EXO.

  17. The song, in a sense is not that bad. But if SM really want to enter the top chart. They should make a song with much more meaning and impact. If it has those things maybe they’ll succeed because those boys have talent.

  18. As an American who has been a Kpop fan since 2nd Gen… I love this! I watched the MV on repeat, then found the live on YouTube. I haven’t been this excited about Kpop beyond Monsta X in quite a while.

  19. I didn’t want to accept this but honestly when I first watched the MV and heard the song I thought it was such a disappointment.
    I didn’t even bother downloading it and some of the lyrics really made me cringe. The boys have worked very hard, but this just didn’t work for me. I think the earlier individual trailers are better. People really went on with theories and I was entertained. Taeyong’s, Mark’s and Kai’s impressed me the most.
    That whole vibe was thrown away when jopping came.

  20. Totally agree to this and i feel bad for them. I mean they r so talented and working their ass off in 3 4 groups they deserve much better songs
    This is just any average song. The beats were bop but everything else so weak. If they are aiming westerners they will have to do their way.

  21. i loved the mv and the song…they sounded and looked perfect
    i didnt like the melody to be honest but other than than there is nothing to not like
    im proud of them all…they came this far with that shitty company witch only cares about money


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