K-Netizens Call Ku Hye Sun An Attention Seeker + Ask Her To Stop Posting To Instagram After Recent Instagram rant

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Ku Hye Sun is making headlines again for what she posted to her instagram!

Ku Hye Sun came back with yet another rant on Instagram after a while of not posting much related to the divorce. The content of her post wasn’t welcomed by many.

In her recent post, she calls out the agency for turning their backs on her and for not terminating her contract when she asked them to, she also shared snippets of messages she sent to the CEO of HB Entertainment.

On the majority of Korean articles covering her recent post, reactions were most negative, K-netizens reactions ranged from advice asking her to stop to more vulgar reactions calling her an attention wh*re.

Here are some of their comments (source):

Please stop posting to instagram and save it for court.

Please just quietly handle it between the two of you…

I’m beginning to understand Ahn Jae Hyun’s view and his struggles now

I am a woman myself, but if I were a man and if I were dating such a woman, I’d be scared.

please…. stop.

she’s back at it again…

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What do you think of K-netizens reactions?

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  1. These nitwits apprently do not realize that this dope she married promised a happy life, but his youth and ignorance failed her. Stop bagging on the woman who is heartbroken that this clown could not keep his word As A Man.

    1. Who would keep a promise to a psychotic killer? She’s just shy of being a mass shooter. Why he ever married this ugly butt no shape girl in the first place is beyond me. His crime is being blind and having poor taste in women. She a certified liar, manipulative conniving control freak with zero morals on top of being a “has been” no one is interested in other than to push her back in the grave she dug. I personally want to make her life a living hell. I just need a moment with her.

  2. Do u think that is right what is doing.yeah she is hearth broken but no need to papasin in social media.she need to lay low.she need to finish first the divorce scandal before quiting in here agency..

  3. As bad as any divorce can be, it now seems that the Song-Song divorce is a better way. Avoid open conflicts, and settle everything the soonest. And then hopefully each party involved will be able to move on easier.

  4. Listen it is pretty obvious the agency is protecting only one of the stars they are hired to represent in this mess it’s her husband from the start. So why are they dragging their feet. Why are they ghosting her! She’s accused of only being vindictive. She’s irrational. Vindictive people are rational they plan to hurt someone but not themselves. Given the negativity she’s only hurting herself. Not much respect for people who try to destroy someone who has emotionally broken down.

  5. She is one sick woman. A woman who is lack of moral. Shame on you. Better stop ruining other people’s life. You make things worst only for you. Shameless woman.

  6. Don’t make this thing about feminism.. I get it these two people are celebrities.. but they should deal their divorce issue with more dignity.. privately.. actually my bad..she should.. what is this posting personal chats to prove everything? Legally and practically deal with the matter.. the audience will come to terms with it and eventually believe the verdict..

    1. This people commenting how hye sun.shameless she is

      .. Do u even understand what are u saying.. U dknt even part of it ur just all idiot taking shots nit even know what the reality is.. All news headline are all fake.. News outlets add all. What they writing jusy people want to clikc and read it…. u did not even ask both parties.. U just all rely with this all bullshit news..

  7. At first I feel pity about her, but after all this time I realise she is a attention seeker. Look how AJH is being silent after one post about their divorce, he is on debt and work in silent. I hope people knew that there’s always two side in one story. And stop defending her. She is disgusting.

  8. We have had it enough from this issue. Divorce is a private matter and should not be broadcasted to everyone. Initially we felt pitiful for her but not anymore as it seemed like an attention seeker story-teller now.

  9. Why everyone is accusing her??? Think twice before you comment and not forgetting because of her series f4 Korean drama has become more popular. No body is perfect please do it in an appropriate way

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