Ku Hye Sun is making headlines again for what she posted to her instagram!

Ku Hye Sun came back with yet another rant on Instagram after a while of not posting much related to the divorce. The content of her post wasn’t welcomed by many.

In her recent post, she calls out the agency for turning their backs on her and for not terminating her contract when she asked them to, she also shared snippets of messages she sent to the CEO of HB Entertainment.

On the majority of Korean articles covering her recent post, reactions were most negative, K-netizens reactions ranged from advice asking her to stop to more vulgar reactions calling her an attention wh*re.

Here are some of their comments (source):

Please stop posting to instagram and save it for court.

Please just quietly handle it between the two of you…

I’m beginning to understand Ahn Jae Hyun’s view and his struggles now

I am a woman myself, but if I were a man and if I were dating such a woman, I’d be scared.

please…. stop.

she’s back at it again…

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What do you think of K-netizens reactions?