Is SM Finally Giving EXO The Comeback They Deserve? SM Clarifies Comeback Reports

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EXO is coming back soon!

Earlier today, many news outlets began reporting about a possible EXO comeback soon. It was reported that EXO would be returning with their 6th studio album in late November.

Later, SM responded to those reports and confirmed to Newsen that EXO is set to come back, however, the exact comeback date will be revealed soon, they didn’t confirm whether the group is indeed coming back in November or not.

EXO fans have been waiting to hear such happy news for a while now, previously, SM Entertainment’s co-CEO, Kim Young Min sat down for an interview with The Korea Economic Daily where he revealed that EXO was set to comeback in the second half of 2019,

“When EXO, NCT, and Red Velvet release studio albums in the second half of this year, we will have no problem seeing an increase in the annual album sales.”

If EXO comes back in November it’ll be their first album release in about a year since their 5th studio album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” which was released in November of 2019.

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It’ll be EXO’s first comeback as 7 members since Xiumin and D.O. are unable to participate due to their ongoing military service. It is unknown whether Lay will participate in his group’s comeback.

Are you excited?

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  1. Maybe I’m the happiest person but it’s so sad that DO and minsoek will not able to participate and I hope Lay would be there. EXO love you

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