How Kim Woo Bin Helped Heo Ji Woong Fight Cancer While He Was Undergoing Chemotherapy

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Writer and television personality Heo Ji Woong recently opened up about his battle with cancer and how actor Kim Woo Bin helped him out during his treatment.

Heo Ji Woong made his first broadcast appearance since beating lymphoma on October 18 episode of the hit variety show “I Live Alone.” During his segment, he talked about how poisonous anticancer drugs can be to the body and how many people experience serious side effects, however, he said,

“What gets you going is hearing about cases when other people got better after doing everything according to their doctors advice. Nothing gives you more hope.”

He also explained that actor Kim Woo Bin extended his hands to help him out during his chemotherapy, he said,

“Kim Woo Bin told me that hearing about others experience and how they managed to get through it and get better was a big source of comfort for him, and that’s why he contacted me, so he could share his experience with me.

Just knowing that people have made full recoveries is a huge help for those who are undergoing the treatment. So I’d like to be of help, too.”

Netizens are happy to see Heo Ji Woong alive and well and also proud of Kim Woo Bin for helping him out through it.

Actor Kim Woo Bin had finished taking chemotherapy a while ago and he’s currently focusing on fully recovering according to his agency, he still has no plans of returning to the entertainment industry, he’s been on hiatus since 2017.

You can watch the clip where Heo Ji Woong talks about Kim Woo Bin below:

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