How Dispatch Helped Protect Ahn Jae Hyun Reputation By Investigation And Possibly Refuting Ku Hye Sun Cheating Claims

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Ku Hye Sun made headlines everywhere last night with her Instagram posts, again!

On October 11, Ku Hye Sun shared a photo on Instagram. The photo was of someone wearing a robe in what seemed to be a hotel room. In the caption of the photo, Ku Hye Sun wrote that this was supposed to be the original jacket image for her song “Must I Die” and that she had submitted four photos to the court which she claims proves that Ahn Jae Hyun had cheated on her.

Ku Hye Sun had previously accused Ahn Jae Hyun of cheating on her with his drama co-star which led into a lawsuit by Oh Yeon Seo for defamation and spreading of false information. Back then, Ku Hye Sun claimed that she has a photo of Ahn Jae Hyun in a hotel room with someone which she says proves that he cheated on her.

Mind you that Ahn Jae Hyun lawyer had previously refuted her claims stating that the photo in question is taken from a relationship he previously had before he even met Ku Hye Sun.

So as you’d expect, the media went wild after Ku Hye Sun published this post, many started wondering if that photo was actually real and if it was of Ahn Jae Hyun, her Instagram posts again put the spotlight of cheating allegations back onto Ahn Jae Hyun.

But don’t worry, Dispatch came to the rescue of Ahn Jae Hyun, with their detailed report, they exposed Ku Hye Sun’s lies and claims that this could’ve been proof of Ahn Jae Hyun cheating.

Since the robe has the letter W embroiled on it, Dispatch contacted several hotels in South Korea to fact-check the claims of both Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun.

Dispatch contacted staff members at the Walkerhill Hotel who denied that they even use a white bathrobe. Walkerhill Hotel went through remodeling before opening in April 2017, it used to be known as W Hotel, but upon checking with the hotel, the source stated that the bathrobes used before 2017 were dark red.

After contacting multiple hotels that could’ve had the letter “W” printed on their bathrobes, Dispatch concluded that the photo must’ve been taken from a hotel outside South Korea. While Dispatch searched for multiple hotels in nearby countries, they came across a similar design on the robes for the hotel W Singapore – Sentosa Cove.

After finding that out, Dispatch contacted Ahn Jae Hyun’s legal representative for comments on Ku Hye Sun’s post and claims, the lawyer says that after looking through his travel records, they could confirm that he went to Singapore on December 30, 2012.

This supports Ahn Jae Hyun’s legal representative previous statement in which the lawyer stated that the photo Ku Hye Sun referred to was taken before he even met her.

Dispatch concluded that it was likely before they even met, they met on the set of “Blood” in 2015, and if this photo is of him then it was likely taken back in December of 2012.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ku Hye Sun Says She Doesn’t Love Ahn Jae Hyun Anymore + Explains Why She Keeps Posting About Divorce

Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun are currently in the middle of their divorce battle.

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What are your thoughts on the matter?

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By Hilda Moore

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  1. The stylized W from my understanding still is used by the Hotel. It’s a stretch to connect a time stamp by a comment on the photo regarding Ahn.
    Goo makes it clear that Ahn regularly changed phones.
    I think it’s best to let them talk in court. I don’t think she will give him a divorce.
    I think she should protect her family and assets.
    Hire a lawyer to deal with contract regarding corrupt Agency and move forward. Ahn lost a great lady. She needs to look for an American guy.

    1. I have to disagree. The robe that Ahn is using in the photo was white and has W on it. However for the hotel from Korea that had the W on it before they remodeled the hotel, it was red but after they remodeled it, it became grey.
      So the dispatch tried to find all the hotels he went to and found out that in Singapore, they had the same W and white robe that had Ahn in the system on 2012.

    2. “Protect her family and assets” you obviously didn’t read anything when this went down she already has enough assets because him being kind when they talked about divorce she asked him for hella money for taking care of him, cleaning the house, she wanted the house, and wanted more money for no reason and he gave her all of that and went into dept because of it. Who TF ask money in a divorce for cleaning a house? She’s insane and needs help so no he didn’t lose a great woman luckily he’s getting a divorce. Because in one part if you read the leaked text messages one part he said he was depressed and she laughed in his face and didn’t give af. That’s a toxic relationship

    3. I don’t get how the changes phone often is related to the picture. Like they’re trying to find all the hotels that has the embroidery of W and is a white robe and! Even with his name on the system to see if he rented a room.
      Did you know…
      GHS admitted to wanting to destroy his career to make him suffer on her Instagram apology of saying in the lines of “I’m not going to post anymore things related to my divorce”. She’s emotionally unstable, irrational, and is destroying herself only. She has already contradicted herself a lot of times. One is that she said she signed a contract with the company AJH was in without him knowing. Then suddenly in the later date!!! She said AJH pressured her to sign the contract to make the company go against her. Now, isn’t that crazy? Boi I don’t think she has common knowledge, but she wanted to ended the contract two months ago by messaging the CEO. You need to make a resignation letter, give it to the CEO and if it’s before the contract date, have it done in a court. You can’t just end it without it being in a proper sequence. She signed it, she has to explain why in a paper, have it done in court then boom. Done.
      At first she said she’s protecting her family, then she said she’s protecting her love, then she said she wanted to destroy AHN since he’s leaving him? Nahhhh m a n crazy
      I wouldn’t even do that to my man -_-
      Anyway, my point is that AJH didn’t lose a good lady, he lost a crazy monster.

    4. Well 1 thing is for sure though that after all the truth revealed about Kyu Hye Sun, and the fact that she made these public herself, even recently admitting the fact that she did these stuff to take revenge and destroy him,
      Even if Ahn Jaehyun gets a woman in future, I swear NO Korean or any guy of any nationality would agree to date/ marry her. SHE RUINED HER LIFE and ruined Jaehyun’s life. It was Jaehyun that he lasted so long, an American guy wouldn’t have tolerated her mood swings/ pathological lying disorder/ obsessiveness/ delusions even for a day, let alone marrying her. She needs medical attention is she wants to lead the rest of her life peacefully any Jaehyun has finally been freed.
      And please don’t call me an Ahn Jaehyun fan for siding up with him, coz I’m a fan of neither.

    5. You people. I don’t think I will ever know of a person worst than her. I wouldn’t wipe my runny nose on her. She’s that vile. It doesn’t say much for the character of the people who support a known liar who admitted they lied. Freaks can really bring the crazies out the closet.

    1. Mentally ill people have healthy loving relationships all the time. I don’t really care who’s a fault but if everyone truly thinks her mental health is at stake they should be saying she needs to seek help, not that she’s inferior.

  2. Thank for helping him hopefull the trust wel come out so ahn jae hyun name can clear.and his reputaion well Goo stop it..ur doing..u put ur self in shamless.plz love ur herself the karma is coming to u..

  3. Dispatch work with these agencies in exchange for breaking news. They are been bias. Let the court be the one to decide if she is been deceiful or not. His agency is not going to give dispatch information that can hurt him.

    1. Goo Hye Sun is nuts she has shown time and time agqin that she has NO class at all… Ahn Jae Hyun is getting out of a toxic horrible situation… Run for your life man

  4. She is not mentally ill, she is however spoiled and self-centered. For the past few months she has demonstrated “it’s all about me”!
    If she treated her marriage the same way(it’s all about me) there was no room for this guy. It looks like she was squeezing him into a corner and that’s all he deserved. Is she upset because she can’t get ahold of his paychecks?

  5. I find it weird that dispatch is really investigating and doing a lot for ahn like someone paying to do all this idk I’m not siding with anyone but I just find it fishy that they are going through all this just to prove his innocence.

    1. I dont think dispatch is that saint to just show his innocence but also wants to dig into it with an official excuse so they will get first hand breaking news it ajh really had something

    2. That’s probably because Ahn Jaehyun through his lawyer handed over his cellphone to Dispatch. So they performed Forensic investigations which can’t be wrong and released these data. Don’t worry Dispatch won’t lie coz this is a full fledged court proceeding and if they tampered anything then Dispatch would be ruined….. Also KHS herself admitted that she wanted to destroy him, out of hatred. I just hope AJH can come out of this trauma and be finally freed.

  6. Goo Hye Sun is nuts she has shown time and time again that she has NO class at all… Ahn Jae Hyun is getting out of a toxic horrible situation… Run for your life man

  7. Mental illness is no joke, please stop using this term. She may have a problem, but unless you are a trained therapist or a professional, do not do this. Too many people really are and live one day at a time. The suicide rate is getting higher. Emotions can make people do strange things they don’t normally do when they are hurt, especially women. Let the court handle this. Public opinion has caused a lot of problems, especially to vulnerable people. Thank you and let’s be kind to people that are mentally ill. Support them, don’t hurt them further.

    PS, I am a professional. I spent a lifetime taking care of these people.

    1. Certification please. She’s getting dragged. I agree she’s not mentally I’ll. She’s just hateful and evil. I actually have respect for those with special challenges. I will defend them to end. But people like her deserve everything coming their way.

  8. Does this surprise anyone? She wanting people to feel sorry for her she wanted to ruin his reputation and career and she has no problem lying in order to do that.

    It was bad enough that she asked for money for cleaning her own damn house which he gave her anyway and then on top of that she lies about him and says he cheated when so far there’s no proof that he did!!

    The fact that she said anyting other than we’re getting a divorce things didn’t work out and that she went on to try to give details says she’s a classless person.

    Syay stromg Ahn Jae Hyun…stay the clasdy, talented caring person you have shown us thst you are…

  9. Can’t believe how many people defend him….it is well known that cheating is a common thing in Korea, I’ve been lining here 10 years and it’s usually the guy, besides instead of trusting dispatch let’s wait for the court that actually have the evidence.
    I’m not on either side because I don’t know them (no one except family and friends does) but is hurtful u talking about a human like that

    1. Kyu Hye Sun has herself admitted that she wanted to destroy and ruin Ahn Jaehyun, in her latest post
      Dispatch won’t be tampering reports else they’ll be held responsible in the court of law
      The way KHS behaved and is still going on promoting herself on social media is disgusting everyone. The drama has become too far fetched. It must end now and I want them to be freed of this burden. Whoever is proved guilty should be held responsible and punished.

  10. First and foremost this lady is crazy. Super mental problem (is this disease came from her family?). To Ahn Jae Hyun, time is up and move on. Be strong.
    To those who still thinking that woman is right and she is protecting her family… that is totally nonsense.
    Somebody should drag her away from all multimedia … she is not worth to be pity.

    1. You are badmouthing someone you don’t know but she’s the crazy one. You don’t know what was happening in their marriage. You don’t even know how emotionally attached to him she was. It’s easy to say from that water I won’t drink if you have never been in her shoes.

  11. It is well known that people cheat period, location makes no difference. But it is also well known that not everyone fit into that mold. There is nothing good about a person who goes out of their way to make another person life miserable. No, she’s not mentally ill, just a selfish control freak. Dispatch was investigating both party claims. If you don’t want negative feedback stop posting, especially when you contardict yourself.

  12. Now isn’t that a contradiction in itself. Shocked about why people defend him, but not taking sides. You’re no smarter than your idol. Were was this comment when she and her fans were crucifying him with innuendo? And I don’t support women just because they are women. Women lie, cheat, steal, and kill too. Try visiting a women’s prison if you don’t believe me. I”m a woman, but we can be just as viscous or more so than men.

  13. If that hotel still has that robe can lawyer check if he visited Singapore since getting married? And if a W hotel in HK has same robe can they check if he visited HK after getting married? I don’t think She would be posting a picture from 2012…. I don’t know anyone who keeps photos on their phone for that long!

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