Han Seo Hee Wasn’t Having It When Asked To Celebrate B.I’s Birthday, Here Is Her Response


Han Seo Hee wasn’t that thrilled when one user asked her to wish former iKON member B.I a happy birthday.

On October 22, iKON fans celebrated Hanbin’s birthday, many sharing wishes hoping that he’d come back one day, they also sent him many encouraging messages as well.

Han Seo Hee, on the other hand, was minding her own business answering fans questions on Instagram, when one online user asked,

“Wish hanbin happy bday today. Today is his bday. #Peacenowar”

Apparently, Han Seo Hee saw that message and had this snappy response to it, she answered with, ‘#jiral.’ Jiral is a Korean curse word which is loosely translated to ‘fuck,’ this could be interpreted in this instance as ‘fuck this,’ or ‘fuck you.’


Korean netizens didn’t seem to be surprised with her response, she’s known for her attitude, however, some did question why on earth would a user send such a message and why would she reply to it in the first place.

Han Seo Hee is the informant in the drug case against B.I which he’s currently being investigated for along with Yang Hyun Suk.

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What do you think of her response?

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