f(x) Luna Finds A New Agency After Parting Ways With SM Entertainment


f(x) Luna has found a new agency!

On October 7, it was revealed that f(x) Luna has signed an exclusive contract with Humap Contents. The agency released an official statement confirming the news, they also promised their full support to her future activities.

Following the announcement,  f(x) Luna took to instagram to share her own statement, she wrote,

“Hi, this is Luna. After leaving SM Entertainment which I’ve been a part of since the beginning of my debut until now, I have joined my new agency, Humap Content.

We laughed together and we cried together for a long time, I sincerely thank you SM Town family.”

She also promised fans to work even harder in the future to show more diverse sides of herself.

f(x) Luna parted ways with SM back in September, she’s currently starring in the musical “Mamma Mia.”


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