It seems that the tattoo artist involved in BTS Jungkook false dating rumors is still suffering greatly!

The tattoo artist involved in Jungkook false dating rumors has been severely attacked by netizens for her involvement in those false rumors. Since then, she released a statement denying the dating rumors. Recently, the tattoo shop where she worked announced their plans to take strict legal action, they detailed how badly they’ve been affected by netizens who kept harassing them because of Jungkook dating rumor.

A friend of the tattoo artist met with news outlet YTN and talked in more details about how she’s still suffering due to those malicious false rumors, what the friend said shocked ARMY all around the world.

“The stress she’s is receiving is beyond words. I think it’s actually amazing that she didn’t take her own life. She is suffering greatly from people who cursed at her for things that haven’t even been confirmed. I think these malicious commenters are as bad as criminals, its so to the point that an average non-celebrities like us could think of bad things.

I hope actions would be taken to do something about this like revealing the actual names [ID] online.”

The malicious false dating rumors happened on September 17, a photo from CCTV footage was released to the internet, fans began questioning their relationship as they seemed friendly but Big Hit immediately shut down those rumors and announced their plans for strict legal action against the person who spread those photos.

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Check out the interview of the tattoo friend below, what do you think of this?