Friend Of Tattoo Artist Involved In Jungkook False Dating Rumor Says It’s ‘Amazing She Didn’t Take Her Life’


It seems that the tattoo artist involved in BTS Jungkook false dating rumors is still suffering greatly!

The tattoo artist involved in Jungkook false dating rumors has been severely attacked by netizens for her involvement in those false rumors. Since then, she released a statement denying the dating rumors. Recently, the tattoo shop where she worked announced their plans to take strict legal action, they detailed how badly they’ve been affected by netizens who kept harassing them because of Jungkook dating rumor.

A friend of the tattoo artist met with news outlet YTN and talked in more details about how she’s still suffering due to those malicious false rumors, what the friend said shocked ARMY all around the world.

“The stress she’s is receiving is beyond words. I think it’s actually amazing that she didn’t take her own life. She is suffering greatly from people who cursed at her for things that haven’t even been confirmed. I think these malicious commenters are as bad as criminals, its so to the point that an average non-celebrities like us could think of bad things.

I hope actions would be taken to do something about this like revealing the actual names [ID] online.”

The malicious false dating rumors happened on September 17, a photo from CCTV footage was released to the internet, fans began questioning their relationship as they seemed friendly but Big Hit immediately shut down those rumors and announced their plans for strict legal action against the person who spread those photos.

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Check out the interview of the tattoo friend below, what do you think of this?

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  1. i just realized that all of this is happening to her because of the korean army’s. Honestly, saesang or not they are the worst.
    I know for a fact that they have diffrent prefrences for their idols- but me, as an international army, let ME TELL YOU THIS; just imagine what would happen if they actually had lovers. They would probably die or something. I’m serious. Why don’t they have the right to do whatever they want? Yeah there are rules but aside that- their personal life is not ours to choose. I love them because of their voices, their songs and that’s it. I don’t care if they are fat or ugly. Because i love them for who they want to be. They are inspiring and influental. They are my idols- people i look up to. They can do whatever they want for all i care as long as they keep doing what they love most. Music.

    • You said right after I started listening to there music I smile more… I feel confident and I respect them a lot because they are so dedicated toward there music I only wish for them to be happy and get what they dream for….. And enjoy every moment of there life I wish every army understand this

    • I dont think its just ARMY, anybody could be very toxic. Some people presume they own the artists they adore and everything revolves around them. These people believe that the artists owe them for their stardom and so are answerable only to them. It will never be about one girl, it will always be every girl that gets linked to their idols. This is not just pure fandom, this is bordering on mental problem. It is just sad that innocent people get caught in the web spinned by these sick fanatics. Word of advise to the idols, be always careful with your actions because these fan predators are always ready to strike at anyone and anywhere. Most of your real fans will understand but a few noisy ones will not, but even if they are just a small number, their noisiness overshadows the good ones. And media will always play a role in all of these so a small noise gets to be amplified by vulture media people. Sorry to say.

    • I agree with the fact that the members have the right to do anything they want to. We as ARMY need to accept that and support them wholeheartedly in every decision they make. We don’t have the right to interfere in their matters.
      BUT,it is not only korean ARMY. It can be anyone worldwide. It’s not only in korea that people feel possessive of a celebrity wether they are an idol or not. Cyberbullying is done from anywhere so we can’t assume that it’s only koreans who are doing the wrong.

  2. Some ARMYs are toxic AF. I like BTS but ARMY are the worst fandom in Kpop. Whether or not JK is dating that girl is no one’s business but their own. I hope he actually IS dating, he’s a hot, young guy in his 20s who deserves to be happy.
    I hate the Kpop fan culture of not letting idols date and losing it if there’s even a rumor. It’s insane to me. JK is my BTS bias but I know for d*mn sure he’s not waiting for me or any other rando fan to be his gf.
    I feel bad for this girl and the hate she’s received whether she’s dating him or not. I hope she’s okay

    • Couldn’t have said more, I actually want them to date, I want , no need them to be happy and actually do what they want. I’m sick of the rules. They are there own person and I honestly think about this situation I’m about to tell you a lot: they are worldwide famous, pretty much everyone/ every korean girl knows them….so when they do diaband and have I guess would be a normal life…any girl could take advantage of them, and almost very girl they meet will most likely be a fan. I don’t think they want that(maybe) and I wouldn’t because you never know, unless they truly love you , not for fame, looks, or even obsession . they are already almost 30 and haven’t been able to find love yet, and it very sad and upsetting. I don’t even wanna finish talking about it, im sick of talking about it because its horrible and ive talked about it so much knowing it won’t do shit, they wont change the rules and I know it, its basically abuse by taking away there human rights but they did agree with them. I get that they are different, I do. But I know that they want love, everybody does, even if they say they wanna be alone they want some kind of love. At least they have eachother and maybe they don’t even like girls but I think they do maybe. Anyway I love your comment .

    • Giving the title of the worst fandom to ARMY is not appropriate who doesnt even know what goes on in the fanbase. Had you known what the other fandoms have done.. you would never say such a thing. And also, sthe interview says “KNETIZENS” and that includes people from Korea who use Social Media . They havent specified anything about the fanbase.

  3. When will people ever appreciate talent just for the talent. Some doesn’t understand that a fan is simply a fan of looks, personality, and talent and should NOT cross the boundary by trying to get in their personal lives. You might spend money for their music to support them but always remember that you aren’t the only one they’re performing their songs to, you aren’t the one who knows their deeper problems. They have lives behind the stage. Stay in your side of the line and give the respect they deserve.

  4. I hope we don’t create another sulli(I kpop idol who suicide recently because she was cursed by those bad comments) … We shouldn’t have to curse someone.. As well as we have to respect our idol’s life and there privacy… Nowdays it’s so common to have a friend of other gender we all have male/female friends so why can’t our artist have there male/female friends.. It’s strange we say we love our idols but see what we are doing.. Just because of one photo they start harrsing her even though she clarified that there is nothing like that even bighit post there official statement there is nothing like that.

  5. U all can say that what the point if those idiotic reporters could just leave him a lot or not write stupid articles after he got those tattoos jk has been on the news everyday do we hv to know his private answer no so It hate so much but because of reporters saessang I’m tired
    I really don’t wanna regret for being an army but I hope jk is fine that’s all I hope he’s not doing something stupid that will represent bts and army in bad way

  6. This is all done by the SAESANGS to make us look toxic in front of the world it’s so sad to hear that she is suffering like that
    even if someone love them in a different way they would never do such a thing i mean I can never hurt anyone of them in such away

  7. They should have the right to love. Is it not all about loving yourself so that you are able to love others. As an avid ARMY I would be happy if they find someone that they feel comfortable with and close to who can give them the love and support they certainly deserve. What are we thinking ?

  8. I really do hope they tyake action on this soon. I’m an ARMY and knowing other army’s are doing this really hurts me. We as fans are suppose to support these idols. And with everything that has happened with the poor artist really isn’t fair. Whether her and jungkook are dating or not, that is THEIR life not ours. Please stop ruining their lives over some rumor.

    • She didn’t get “exposed” for anything. She and Jungkook are friends, they were hanging out together during his free time and got photographed without their consent. ARMY’s saw Jungkook hugging her in a single photo and pounced on the poor girl, starting up malicious rumours about her using Kookie’s fame to promote herself. It was all lies that jealous ARMYs made up, there is absolutely zero proof other than the delusional rubbish that ARMY knetz keep spouting.

  9. I don’t think that this is a problem exclusive of ARMY’S and I think that BigHit’s supposed “legal action” is just a bandaid solution that won’t mitigate fan comments. Again, this is a cultural issue not a fandom issue. In South Korea the fans think that they own idols as property, and companies enable fans by being so incredibly strict with their contracts and searching to please them (the fans) in every single way and to satisfy all of their whims. This is just yet another example of this phenomenon. A tragic example is what happened with Sulli. Fans there are just so relentless, not just ARMY. This needs to change on a bigger scale.

  10. I think this just beyond malicious. This is something else.These are not army. These are blood thirsty attention seekers.Jungkook is a fully grown man. You do not control his life.Even if he’s dating her, its absolutely none of your business. Leave her the fuck alone. Like you think bangtan would want this? All those toxic people their not even fans.They have nothing good in life to do but to look for attention, their a disappointment. Just because your anonymous doesn’t mean you can create such hate. This needs to end.

  11. A damn mess. I heard Mijoo has a bf or fiancée too. Instead of enjoying her REAL relationship, she’s getting harassed over false rumor about her being involved with an idol. I feel bad for her. CCTV or Dispatch whoever tf needsto pay dearly for this! Mijoo deserves better.

  12. I’m ashamed to be an army, seriously… they don’t belong to you. In fact, you’ll never be able to date them. Army and BTS are family, so lets treat BTS members like you would your closest people and fucking respect them, damn it.

  13. This seriously could’ve been the worst bday ever. Smh it happened the day i was turning 13 but wht made me more sad is that people are going against this tattoo artist. Even if kook is dating her wht is in it in us abt it. Nothing exactly so armys who are being birchy that jk is urs think again. He has the right to choose who he wants. Plus they aren’t dating so chill.

  14. yikes @theothermerida

    you can tell from how you speak that you are a multi for sure

    ARMY isn’t the worst, other fandoms have done and continue to do worse.

    it isn’t even ARMY saying this horrible stuff! It is the knetz.

    • Why do you say ‘multi’ as though it somehow makes her statement false? To be honest, the fact that she maybe supports other groups and has participated in other fandoms makes her view of ARMY much less biased than someone who is a solo BTS-stan.

      Are ARMY the worst fandom ever? No, but we’re definitely among the top 3. There are millions of wonderful ARMY fans, but unfortunately because the fandom keeps growing bigger, the number of toxic fans also increases every day. It’s to be expected that the biggest kpop fandoms will be the most problematic for that very reason. There are a few exceptions – big fandoms who really make an effort not to react to scandals or get into fights with other fans – but the vast majority of big fandoms have all had their fair share of controversy because of toxic behaviours.

      Most of the KNetz are ARMYs, friend. KNetz literally just means Korean citizens who are active in online forums, and almost EVERY fan is active on some form of social media these days. The possessive way in which KNetz reacted to the Jungkook dating rumours clearly indicates that they’re ARMY’s, otherwise they wouldn’t care who Kookie chose to date.

      The sooner we stop making excuses for the toxic members of our fandom and start standing up to acknowledge and berate their behaviour, the better for BTS.

  15. These people that are maliciously attacking this poor woman are not fans. They all obviously suffer from some sort of unhealthy delusion that is feed be the entertainment companies AND tabloid sites that somehow enforce the idea that these idols are less than human beings and are possessions of their “fans” it is discusting and shameless. All people should stand against it. What would help is if the companies and the artists themselves took a stand, calling upon their fandoms to behave better and say they do not reconize those who behave so negatively as their fans.

    Ignoring the problem does nothing. It’s still there, tainting fandoms and society as a whole.

  16. And if she is dating him, what’s the problem?, she don’t deserve that, she dont deserve “armys” say that things to her, I think army is a respectfull fandom but If this things continue… Just leave her alone, It is not possible that for something we do not even assure, they are telling you that kind of comments.

  17. Yeah every fan have some interest in idol’s personal life but to some limit only is okay as they are also human as us it’s same for them when someone invades their privacy. More than Jungkook I feel bad for the tattoo artist as she doesn’t have more people by her side .
    True ARMYs will never do so and whoever are commenting those things don’t even have guts enough to do from real account
    Stay strong girl!

  18. This whole thing is truly SICKENING. These bullies have ABSOLUTELY no business calling themselves ARMY. BTS literally has an INTERNATIONAL campaign about ending violence with UNICEF… HOW dare these psychos claim to love and support BTS and yet think their behavior is anything acceptable. Jungkook is my bias, I absolutely love him on a whole other level, sure, it’s fun to dream of randomly bumping into him and we got it off, fall for each other blah blah blah but it’s not realistic and I know my love for him is genuine and real because I only want him to be happy,, no matter who he ends up with. I’m really ashamed of these ARMY, they give the rest of us who genuinely love BTS a REALLLLY bad name. The way they attacked this poor girl is exactly why cyber bullying it’s criminalized in many American states… I love BTS because they are standing up against bullying and violence and giving people all over the world real hope, and yet here are these ARMY perpetuating everything BTS stands against… The hypocrisy it’s deeply unsettling and the threats and attacks are even MORE disturbing… I just want Jk and EVERY member of BTS to be happy in their life because they’ve brought so much into mine. In really saddened by this…


    • I think we’re need to worry about this girl more. She’s suffering way more than kookie, for sure. I like your fighting spirit, but I think you should be fighting harder for this girl who did nothing wrong. BigHit will take care of Kook. This girl has no one.

    • Lol who is even attacking bts, if anything people are being attacked by their “fans” nobody harmed them or s even thinking about it, so y’all immature fans should stop, i stopped being an army just because of how toxic this Fandom is

  20. Why do people keep threatening BTS and especially Jungkook for his hair, tattoos and much more. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!! If you don’t like bts why are you wasting your time spreading rumors about them… don’t be jealous because Jungkook is better looking than you! If he is dating someone, he totally deserves it, I mean they have done many kind things for people and that’s on PERIODT! Don’t say unkind things to people unless you’re talking to yourself. If you are involved with the rumors and you keep spreading it someone can end up hurt even if theyr’e idols just like Jonghyun. If one of them end up taking their life it’s your fault for saying those unkind things. People are actual fans of bts and they don’t want to see them hurt. I appreciate bts and the loyal army’s so much because bts is all about positivity and they are bringing kindness into this world, so don’t even try to spread rumors about kpop idols.

  21. This is some parts of the army I wish nobody can see because it’s utterly disappointing and disgraceful to BTS and all their progress in making a good reputation is getting destroyed by this half of the army. I feel like people forget that BTS members are human to and can do whatever they like in the private life that is nothing we should interfere with even though we love everything about them. So people should really just chill and let stars live their lives as they want to not to go after some poor girl just because of a photo.

    • Hey friend,

      It is confirmed by the tattoo shop that the malicious comments they have been receiving have been, for the most part, not from BTS’s fans themselves. The majority of the only rippage is from netizens.

      • Hey friend,

        Netizens and ARMYs are not mutually exclusive though. The term ‘netizens’ just means the abuse is through online comments rather than people travelling physically to the tattoo shop to cause trouble. Guaranteed a large percentage of the people causing trouble are BTS fanatics (likely saesangs) who rage against anyone who has a closer relationship with the BTS members because they’re jealous. Are all ARMY like this? No, not even close. But there are a LOT of toxic ARMY both in Korea and internationally who are very active and vocal as netizens.

    • As in I don’t understand Koren fans… Tho I’m BTS fan from Nigeria and we have our Artists here in Nigeria who does whatever they want and we never give them hard time like this…. You shouldn’t be giving your artists hard time like this…. That’s not love you guys are showing them as far but frustrations….. Let them live their lives. They are always scare of making mistakes.. Imagine…

  22. Idols are not special creatures they are also human like all other common people. They have their personal life also please respect their feelings. Yes I too love BTS for their talent but interfereing in their personal life is not good. Why can’t they have female friends be practical guys.Reflect ur self before commenting something Ur comments may not mean u anything but it may hurt someone .#respect everyone#love bts #BTS forever#With u JK

  23. This is an absolute stupid mess. This is why I hate people as well. People dont know when to stop and they for some reason don’t understand what stop means. This is also why I am slowly becoming ashamed of being an ARMY. I feel so embarrassed by all the stupid things these people who claim to be ARMY’S have done. I just want all of BTS to get a break from peoples stupidity. I want them to live a normal life and to find a good spouse once they decide they would like one. I want everyone to apologize to this poor girl who suffered through this much hate. Like does anyone remember Sulli. This poor girl could end up in her place. I WILL REPORT ANYONE WHO SAYS RUDE THINGS ABOUT THIS GIRL BC I SWEAR TO GOD IF THE SAME THING HAPPENS TO HER IMMA GET MADDD I WILL TALK SHIT TO THOSE RUDE ASS BEECHES.

    • If you are ashamed then just leave… how can you be ashamed of something people always trying to portrayed as.. seriously… that’s the problem with communication.. not a lot of things more imporant things is getting translated into English and stays on k side.. so if you are not entirely sure what’s going on then stop saying you are embarrassed being an ARMY. If you are embarrassed then what BTS should say???

    • Its mostly non army who are attacking you should not be ashamed of beaging army because most of the time it isn’t Army attacking bts or other people. Don’t talk about the situation if you don’t know the whole situation Thank you.

      • All those spreading hate towards this girl and jungkook should please give them a break…. Its so annoying, we ARMY loves BTS, but that doesn’t give us the right to interfere with their personal lives…..I read somewhere that the girl is not up to jungkook standards; like are you serious right now????? Even if he decides to date a maid its still not our business… Let’s just embrace the positive vibes they pass to us and let them be with whatever they want to do with their lives… I hope and pray that girl doesn’t take her life, cus right now she’s jobless and still yet they still cuss her… We should put ourselves in jungkook and this girls shoes…. Some people needs to take a chill pill sometimes.
        This boys has given us years of their lives let us at least give them the chance to breath.

        ARMY from Nigeria…..

  24. This is supremely uncool. I feel bad for this woman. What if they really were dating, and he really did like someone? That person would probably receive death threats and all sorts of things. I’m so glad this woman is staying strong and not giving up clearing her name. Why should she though? These idols are very unlucky in this respect. Because he has millions of fans, this 22 year old boy (and I’m sure he’s very curious about girls) can’t date publically or else he would risk someone else’s life. This is so bad. I feel terrible for the both of them. JK should be able to date in peace, and this girl needs all the internet troll army’s off her back. It’s so unfair. Do the girls expect JK to actually be with them? They don’t realize if they actually had a shot with him, their lives would be HELL.

  25. God I hate Armys so much. I love BTS, but honestly the fans are ruining it for me. Once an Army told me to go die because I didn’t ship Lizkook. Like they make conclusions based off of non real facts? Like where do they get weird ideas that are not confirmed yet? And yeah most of them are rude and don’t care about other people’s views and opinions. Also, just let Jungkook live his life man. If he wants a girlfriend he should get one.

  26. It’s funny how kpop fans tend to forget that jungkook is also a human being , a hot blooded male infact … they cant expect him to always do right by the millions of fans out there …. jungkook has his own life and so is the tatooist.. wht the fans are doing is invasion of privacy and it is not right. I think it is about high time every fan out there realised that not only jungkook but also evry kpop idols out ther have their own lives to much more lives do the netizenz have to take in order for them to see that they have to stop. They should know when to stop. Who ever JK is dating thats his business ..isnt he army supposed to be supporting BTS and not doing what they are doing right now… i fail to understand the purpose of the army … how cn there be such armies out there …. whats sad about all this is that if JK wasnt dating her , he still wudnt date those fans too so i dnt get why they obseesed with this matter thath they had to resort to such acts. JK,JIN,JIMIN,RM,SUGA,JHOPE ,V they are hot blooded males no body can deny them the right to fall in love … their love lives is their love life not that of the armies out there…so i blv that the armies thath bullied the tattoist will reflect on their mistakes and think about the damage they have done to the innocent life out there.. was the tatooist at fault by being friends with JK ?,isnt JK supposed to have female friendd??, how is the tatooist feeling right now? The neitezenz shud consider these questions and once they find the answers they wil know they have to stop . It is so saddening to see how the fans can build and also destroy lives of kpop idols out there… theu shud just grow up and find themselves new hobbies other than being cyber bullies

  27. In my opinion, Jungkook should at least help or assist her by explaining to the media/netizens the real truth instead of keeping mum on this matter.. afterall this happened because of him being ‘The Superstar’! Jungkook my dear, please be considerate…have pity on the girl … Thank you

    • BigHit already spoke for hm and clarified that he was not dating her. The label also stated that they’re taking legal action against those making rumors and whoever released the photos. There’s not much more Jungkook can do. If he talks about it before the lawsuit concludes, it’ll just get worse. Best to be rational, and get the legal stuff out of the way first.

  28. Literally the stupidest thing that could happen. I’m only going to say that even if he would date anyone, nothing would be wrong. He is a human and we are humans TOO. If you think that he will be alone forever just so you can be happy, you are WRONG. He is going to find himself a wife have children and is going to live happily ever after ( I hope). I love him and I care about him A LOT. But reality is reality. Please respect the idols and their life. They are trying very hard to make you happy.

  29. It blows my mind that this whole article is about how hard Kookie’s friend is struggling, yet many of the commentors only have protective or encouraging writers for Jungkook. You guys piss me off. She matters too, and she’s struggling harder than Kook. She doesn’t have an agency to protect her and sue on her behalf. She doesn’t have the kind of emotional support system that jungkook has in his hyungs. I don’t give a flying fuck that she isn’t my idol. I’m gonna support her, because her life is just as precious.

  30. That poor girl. Her life and career have basically been ruined because of immature fans’ overreactions. After what happened to Sulli, you would think that netizens might start treating innocent people with a little more kindness.

    And so what if she HAD been his girlfriend? Honestly, I really worry for any future partner of the BTS members, they’re going to get attacked no matter what. Being this possessive of another human being is such a toxic mentality.

  31. These are immature girl trolls that sit behind a computer and slander innocent people because they are so unhappy with their own lives. They need to be criminally punished and sued so they can learn as hard lesson not to slander innocent people before someone like this innocent tattoo artist takes her own life.

  32. If they want to date, let them date. They are grown a** men. Some ARMY’s are way too possessive, it’s just stupid. This poor girl has gone through crazy amounts of verbal abuse. What harm has she done? Even if she was/is dating Jungkook, ARMY’s and fans have NO RIGHT whatsoever to then attack her. There is a difference between their idol lives and their personal lives. It is called this for a reason. Fans should not delve deep into their personal lives. Instead, be happy that he potentially found someone that he really likes. Thats it.

  33. I feel so bad for this amazing woman, I love BTS and always will, I mean the fans are suppose help and love BTS but instead they always find a stupid ass reason to make drama, I hope this girl gets better and I know with such stupidity and childish people that most likely won’t happen, I dislike how so many people trying acting like their bts saying stupid shit like “why are you dating them”. If bts ever came out as dating someone I’ll support them through every step of the way, This girl needs so much love and support and I hope some of you amazing people can send that to her, Cause right now she needs help more than bts does. People shouldn’t be hating on her, there is no reason to. We need to understand that she is human and she’s not a peace of shit, Her feelings matter as much as bts is feelings do, I really hope sime of you ignorant people can understand and actually try helping her, Cause she’s depressed and the least th ing this world needs is naive negative people and no more suicides. Please support this woman and leave bts alone, Leave her alone.

  34. Y’all folks in the comments aren’t making things better. While it is gravely upsetting that BTS can’t have close relations outside of the band because of shit like this, Jungkook isn’t the victim here and he isn’t the one needing support in this situation. Please extend your compassion beyond those in BTS that are affected here or else you’re not much better than the people doing this stuff.

  35. Now I’m thinking immature are they!? Just stop these.. it’s enough.I have been reading these articles for a month already. Just don’t stretch things like this. U were cursing a girl without even confirming that it’s a tumor a truth. Seriously are u doing Justice or wht? Will u be satisfied after all these things. Just do ur own work other than doing malicious cmnts. It may suit u better than these..did have ever think of that girl before these.just be grown up now human not a machine that only cmnts people in their fault or anything they does. Before doing these things think of urself first. It’s enough now!!

  36. Honestly no one has learnt anything from jonghyun and sulli’s suicide leave the girl and bts alone their fully grown people I’m less than 13 years and yet some people don’t have enough sense to tell what is wrong or right.

    A disgruntled ARMY

  37. Dating are not if there are real fans they should be happy for him same thing goes for he’s hair it’s cool long are short an yet people want him cut it oh please if any one reading this would agree then your a real fans I never meet them an some who get the chance to meet some are nice and others hate them . Real fans know real love p.s I’m not afraid anyone .

  38. Hi! I don’t know if it’s only me feeling like this but I totally would support them if they want to date but these days I feel like as my love for them grow my thinking of them dating gets narrower! Nevertheless, I want them to be happy because they make me happy.


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