Fans Notice That Gong Hyo Jin Has Never Been In Any Unsuccessful Drama In Her 20 Years Career

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Gong Hyo Jin successful career has come to light!

Acting for 20 years is not easy job, maintaining a successful career for 20 years is another level of difficulty.

A recent post about Gong Hyo Jin became popular on internet community forms; it notes just how popular Gong Hyo Jin is and how successful each of her dramas has been over her 20 years career.

Gong Hyo Jin made her debut back in 1999 and ever since has never been in a drama that scored low ratings or a drama that wasn’t considered successful. While the success of each of her dramas varies, they were all considered successful; none of her dramas had lower ratings than 12.9%.

Usually, getting a drama to the double digit ratings is an amazing feat because it’s so difficult to achieve, its even more difficult to achieve these days due to rising competition from cable channel dramas.

Gong Hyo Jin recently came back with “When The Camilla Blooms,” it is also another successful drama that has topped its timeslot since it began airing and surpassed the double digit in ratings soon after its premiere.

This is testimony of just how popular and accomplished Gong Hyo Jin is; she is considered one of the most respectful Korean actresses of her generation.

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What’s your favorite Gong Hyo Jin drama?

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  1. My favourite Korean Actrees all time. I’ve never pass her drama since Pasta. I enjoy it so much. Congratulation GHJ. Wish I can see you in real.

  2. I loved her dramas. She is so true to her character in Pasta, Masters Sun and now Camillia blooms. Her acting is unique and natural. Am a big fan of korean dramas. Keep it up guys. All the best to you Gong Hiyo J.

  3. Now whoever has not watched gong hyo Jin’s dramas, I mean all of them. Has not watched no movies or dramas. This woman is Gold. If you want to see how good an actress she is. Turn the volume off and look at her facial expressions and then get to know what she was says. It matches . She is a goddess of acting. She is not so beautiful like all the young actresses but she is gorgeous in a way and sooo talented. I wish her English was really good so she can teach these Hollywood kids something. Every time she cries I end up crying in series. Hers only ofcourse. Others I just feel sorry.

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