Fans Extremely Worried About MOMOLAND Daisy After Her Mother’s Alarming Comments About Her Agency


Fans are worried about MOMOLAND daisy after reading her mother’s posts on social media!

MOMOLAND Daisy and Taeha have both taken a hiatus from their group activities since March, MLD says that its due to ‘health and personal reasons,’ they haven’t provided an update ever since or explained what will happen to both of them.

Fans are convinced something has gone terribly wrong and Daisy’s mother social media posts only add to their suspicions.

Daisy’s mother social media responses suggest something had happened, she responded to various encouraging comments from fans, to one she said,

“Someone like this is out there. Thank you very much. Six months have passed, and my heart is breaking. In a society like this, we should live right and stand up against small injustices. #itsunfair #imfurious #momoland.”

She also commented,

“I want to see Daisy’s smile on her face again.”

“My daughter is crying, and they live calmly and shamelessly. I feel hot under the collar. I want to say don’t forget that the sky is looking at you.”

She also said,

“I am very sad and tired. And I am so angry that I cannot express it … There is no peace in my mind. It’s just sadness and anger.”

Fans had previously trended the hashtag #ShowMeDaisyAndTaeha asking MLD Entertainment to issue an official response on their whereabouts, many fans fear the girls are no longer part of the group.

Stay tuned for updates!

What do you think of MLD’s behavior?



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