A heartbreaking video of rookie boy group D-Crunch has fans and nonfans furious!

D-Crunch was scheduled to perform in Kuwait at the 40th Anniversary Concert of Korea-Kuwait Diplomatic Relations, however, right before their scheduled performance, they had to step up on stage and apologize to fans for being unable to carry on with the performance.

News outlet Albawaba alleges that Kuwait’s Minister of Mass Media and Information canceled the concert just as it was about to begin because they received rumors of the group being ‘gay.’ On stage, the group didn’t specify the reasons why it had happened.

To make matters worse, as the members went up on stage to say goodbye and apologize they were heckled by the public, some called them ‘gay’ while others started chanting for BTS fan chant, one member started crying as he couldn’t control his tears in the situation.

It was reported that D-Crunch had been practicing for days and working hard to prepare a performance for Kuwaiti fans only to for it to be canceled at the last minute due to unverified rumors.

Various Kpop fans spoke up in support of the group by taking to twitter to call out the people who chanted BTS fan chant plus the authorities for canceling the concert without specifying the reasons.

See the videos and tweets:

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  1. It is not okay for their performance to be cancelled. Especially over an unverified statement. They have been practicing for weeks and deserve to show their improvement. If that happened to your group you wouldn’t be happy.


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