BIGBANG Gdragon has finally been discharged from the military but some k-netizens are already criticizing his actions.

BIGBANG Gdragon was discharged on October 26; he was greeted by thousands of fans who came to his military discharge location. He even stood before the press to express his gratitude towards fans.

Usually, idols and actors do the military salute upon their discharge and it something that soldiers must perform correctly so when k-netizens saw videos and photos of Gdragon salute, they were heavily critical of it, many called it a ‘crooked’ salute.

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If you compare it to the proper salute, you can obviously tell that it differs greatly. Netizens left many comments referring to his controversy while he was in the military, Dispatch released articles about alleged favoritism towards Gdragon during his military service because it was reported that he took too many vacation days.

While the ministry iterated that Gdragon didn’t receive any special treatment, many k-netizens already believe something else. Netizens left comments to the effect of ‘he was only playing around the in the army,’ ‘how would he know what’s proper?’ and many more. Many also compared his salute to other kpop idols such as Taecyeon who was praised for his attitude and dedication to serve in the military despite his severe injuries.

How soldiers should do the salute:

Examples of other idols and actors salute:

On the other hand, many fans defended Gdragon who looked obviously anxious when greeting fans; many mentioned how his body language and expressions were weird and how he must’ve been anxious about greeting fans in such a long time.

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Check out the video below of his discharge and let us know do you think he deserves to be criticized or not?