Award-Winning Hollywood Director Wants To Work With BTS Jimin

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BTS Jimin is highly sought after!

Award-Winning Hollywood Director Gus Van Sant has recently spoken about his wish to collaborate with Jimin from BTS.

On October 23, British magazine i-D published a new interview with Gus Van Sant, in his interview; he answered many questions including a question about ‘one actor’ he’d like to work with.

Instead of naming an actor, he named BTS Jimin, he said,

“He’s not really an actor, but sometimes I see people that have a kind of peaceful thing about them that I like, and right now that person would be Jimin from BTS.

I’d love to photograph him too, but maybe that’s something for the future?”

Gus Van Sant is the director behind many award-winning films such as “Good Will Hunting” and “Elephant.”

Would you like to see collaborate in the future?

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  1. Jimin isn’t even an actor so he would only be taking his pic, but Hollywood is also full of people who use their positions for personal gains so I’d be cautious he’s not just crushing on our Jimin. BigHit can continue to take his pics or only do it if the group members and management go and stay with him for protection. Hollywood is a sick place.

  2. I totally agree with previous comment. Van Sant has a crush on Jimin and will only corrupt him. Jimin needs to stay away from Hollywood. It is a cesspool. There are enough great directors and producers in S. Korea if Jimin wants to act.

  3. Has anyone ever seen My Own Private Idaho or a Drugstore Cowboy? Gus Van Sant is brilliant. Usually I would agree with comments regarding people wanting to use BTS but not Gus Van Sant. GVS is a true artist and sees something in Jimin that everyone has seen and would love for him to be his muse. I doubt any ARMY would want Jimin to be in a GVS movie-most are very dark and go against mainstream topics but I have no doubt if Jimin ever did, he would play any role beautifully & flawlessly

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