Assemblyman Starts Rumor That One BTS Member Is Enlisting in 2019, Big Hit Immediately Shut It Down


Assemblyman Ahn Min Suk caused a ruckus when he started the rumor that a BTS member was set to enlist this year!

On October 21, Assemblyman Ahn Min Suk attended a parliamentary audit of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and he said,

“It seems that one BTS member is going to the military this year. It appears as though it has already been decided to not give special treatment regarding military service for pop culture artists.”

Ahn Min Suk also added that the original system was put in place in the 1970s when there was a clear distinction between fine art and pop culture, however, since the walls have broken down, he says ‘it doesn’t make sense to only give ‘pure artists’ special treatment regarding military service and not pop culture artists as well.’

In response to Assemblyman Ahn Min Suk statement, Big Hit was contacted for an answer as many started to speculate that BTS will begin enlisting this year, to that, Big Hit issued a statement shutting down the rumors,

“We don’t know where this kind of story came from, but the reports of enlistment this year are false.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think BTS should serve or not?

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  1. My thoughts on this about bts enlisting Is full false cause I don’t intend to understand why articles are like this… no matter if it’s a false comments things just get out of hand.
    So please stop making a false rumors about kpop idols and let them be. The people whom makes false rumors about kpop idols and it’s cultural context please stop.

  2. Isn’t one set to enlist next year??? Does the gear difference even matter at this point? Lol. BigHit should’ve have the same energy towards that tattoo artist company and ignore it.

  3. #Grace next year and this year are totally different. That is exactly the type of rumors bighit should not ignore, if they ever ignore it people will get the wrong idea and think it’s okay to assume things about bts .

  4. I have grandchildren the ages of many of BTS. I know the members of BTS would proudly serve if they r required to, but I pray that BTS does not have to serve in the military. They do not just provide entertainment, they spread love, positivity, they work hard and give all of themselves mind, body and soul. They reach billions of people & billions of people love them. I am from Texas but I see how they not only help so many young people but help South Korea’s economy. THEY ARE A FORCE FOR GOOD>MUCH GOOD IN SO MANY WAYS. I pray they are given the opportunity to continue their inspiring, positive And beautiful journey because many people around the world not only enjoy them but listen to their words, and see just how BIG THEIR HEARTS ARE and HOW MUCH BTS LOVES THEIR ARMY FROM YOUNG TO OLD. I AM 63yrs young I do not understand Korean language but listening to their music and seeing them perform, seeing their love and their happiness enjoying what they do and seeing their love for all nationality Armys, giving it their all makes me feel happy, makes me smile and I am so happy for them. I pray they are allowed to continue their journey without interruption. #MuchLove #BTS #BigHitEntertainment Sincerely, #DebraTexas

  5. Making false accusations is way out of line. I’m glad BigHit shut down those comments. Those false rumors could lead to a lot of problems in the following years. Don’t just go making accusations, they will tell you what new things has happened, what changes they’ve made, and they’ll keep you updated about something. It’s such a shame that people in this world have the guts to give false accusations, don’t they have something better to do?

  6. I feel they should serve. I feel it is their duty as Korean male citizens to do so. I know Korea has a policy in place that allows certain artists and athletes to be exempt, but I do not believe in that. I feel the only people that should be exempt from a military draft is ones who are mentally and physically challenged. I feel by allowing people who can kick a ball, sing or play an instrument well, will and is opening up a conversation to where people will say let’s exempt these others too. That is what’s happening now. I do not feel any Idol group should be exempt. So many have already served or are serving now. IT IS JUST NOT FAIR! And before anyone wants to say that BTS is different from other Idol Groups or that they are not an Idol Group, YOU ARE WRONG, just ask BTS themselves. They are an Idol Group and they are like, EXO(Korea’s National Boy Group), who has 2 members already in the military, SHINee(AWESOME), and they have 3 members in the military and BIGBANG(The GREATEST), all members have served. The list goes on and on and on. BTS is an Idol Group like those listed. The only difference is they happened to be the IT GROUP right now. Please DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I think they are a good group, but the CULT OF PERSONALITY that is surrounding them right now is AWFUL! And because of that people see them as some kind of JESUS like figures. I feel if they do get an exemption THEY WILL NOT TAKE IT! Also, I feel if there is an exemption, that would also turn the KPOP world upside down. If BTS was to take it,
    THEIR CAREERS WOULD BE OVER, in their homeland and BTS would be DEVASTATED because of that. I feel that way because Korean citizens takes the military and political things VERY SERIOUSLY. They would not let BTS, off the hook for this.

  7. BTS has done a great job in uplifting South Korea.. many people visit South Korea due to BTS and making them enlist is nothing but foolishness.. they have really done much for South Korea and this needs to be taken into consideration.. BTS should be an exception to this law..

  8. I feel like it’s unfair if they dont serve. It’s like having special privileges. All the other idols would have to serve but not bts? I get their popular and everything but still exo is popular and two of the members enlisted. Big bang did too and they are the kings of kpop.

  9. They’re so much more than JUST entertainers, JUST musicians. They are a brilliant shining light in such a dim world. Whoever mentioned EXO, SHINee and Big Bang brought up the ONLY similarity between them and BTS, they’re all kpop groups, their commonality basically ends there. None of those other groups have INTERNATIONAL campaigns with UNICEF for ending child violence, none of the other groups are speaking at the UNITED NATIONS to hundreds of world leaders about important topics for the ENTIRE planet, and none of the other groups mentioned have had RECORD BREAKING success the way BTS does. I’m fairly certain that because BTS is comprised of young men with immense moral integrity and respect for their Homeland and it’s culture, that they would still serve even if exempted, but I still feel they should be given the opportunity not to. I think it would be best if they ALL enlisted at the same time, took that 2 years as time to grow and develop more into their manhood and come back with a galactic BANG… But that’s just MY OPINION on the subject…


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