JYP Addresses Possibility Of TWICE Mina Joining Upcoming Group Activities

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JYP just answered fans’ burning question, will Mina officially return to activities soon?

TWICE celebrated their 4th debut anniversary on October 20, during the celebration with fans, Mina surprised everyone by joining her group on stage which marked the first time she’d done so in four months, she’s been on a hiatus since July 2019.

There were two fan meetings on that day, she joined the first fan meeting which was held at 1 p.m. KST. She sang and danced with her members and fans cheered her on, check out some of the event videos below:

After this pleasant surprise many started wondering if Mina would be re-joining TWICE activities, JYP issued a statement to explain why she participated and her future plans as well.

They explained that Mina wanted to join her fans and group for their 4th anniversary after discussion with the members. However,

“Her future schedule has not been decided yet. As we had previously announced, the schedule can change depending on her condition, we will prioritize her health above all else when reaching a decision.”

Earlier this year, JYP announced that Mina was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and thus will be taking a hiatus to focus on her recovery; she hasn’t participated in any of her group’s promotions since July. Although she participated in recording and filming for her group’s most recent comeback “Feel Special,” she didn’t participate in any promotional activities.

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What are your thoughts on JYP statement?

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