After Initially Delaying The Comeback Date, Taeyeon’s Upcoming Album Gets A New Release Date

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SM Entertainment has released an official statement about Taeyeon’s upcoming album release date.

Following the tragic sudden death of Sulli on October 14, various idols, groups, actors and programs either postponed activities or canceled them altogether. Many SM artists delayed content release in light of Sulli’s passing. Taeyeon was one of them.

Taeyeon is known for being extremely close to Sulli, fans expected her album release date to be pushed back due to the news and it did. Initially, SM released this statement,

“Hello. [TAEYEON VOL.02. PURPOSE] Contents Release, which was scheduled to be released on October 15, will be back on track after we finalize the schedule. We kindly ask for your understanding.”

On October 18, the agency returned with another statement revealing the new release date of Taeyeon’s highly anticipated return,

“To fans waiting for TAEYEON The 2nd Album ‘Purpose’,

Due to circumstances, the album release originally announced to be on OCT. 22 has been postponed to OCT. 28. We will announce a fixed contents release schedule soon via Thank you for your understanding.”

To fans waiting for TAEYEON The 2nd Album ‘Purpose’,
due to circumstances, the album release originally announced to be on OCT. 22 has been postponed to OCT. 28. We will announce a fixed content release schedule soon via Thank you for your understanding.

— Girls’ Generation (@GirlsGeneration) October 18, 2019

The comeback has been postponed for 6 days. Fans reactions are mixed, some are happy about the new release date, others think it should’ve been postponed even more to allow Taeyeon to recover following Sulli’s passing, many cite that 6 days aren’t simply enough.

Fans have been extremely worried about Taeyeon’s state, she lost two of her best friends in less than two years and she had also recently revealed that she’s struggling with depression while answering fans questions on Instagram (3 months ago). She told fans,

“I am suffering from depression. I am working hard to get better through treatment with antidepressants. Whether it’s depression or bipolar disorder, please don’t ‘tsk’ and treat people disrespectfully. They are all patients who are suffering.”

Source: Soompi

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We hope that SM took this into consideration when scheduling her comeback.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

So my guess is…. Taeyeon is not promoting on shows? I don’t know for sure, but they don’t really expect her to be able to perform in such a state, do they?

I love her but I know for a fact that 6 days aren’t nearly enough. She told fans she was struggling with depression 3 months ago, I am sure she’s in a lot of pain right now, this is not the time to sing and dance and put a smile to fans and the press, it’s not the time…

Taeyeon will slay and break records regardless; can’t they push it back for at least a month? I know they have deadlines and milestones to reach, but would it hurt you to delay it a bit more?

I sincerely hope that she had a say in this, as long as she did, then that’s ok and that’s her choice.

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