2019 MAMA Is Facing Even More Obstacles; Will The Award Ceremony Carry Out Normally?


2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) continues to face controversy over the location of the upcoming ceremony.

Back in September, Mnet announced that 2019 MAMA will be held at Nagoya Dome in Japan on December 4. They received backlash despite trying to explain why they chose this particular location.

In case you’re not aware, Japan-Korean relationship is quite tense these days, there are political and economic tensions between the two countries which originally started with issues over trade and spread to more serious matters. Korean boycotted Japanese goods and tourism, the amount of Koreans travelling to Japan decreased dramatically over the past period due to the tensions.

Recently, an ad from the Japanese retailer UNIQLO caused issues related to the Japanese colonial occupation of Korea and the issue of comfort women and it flared up even more causing netizens to continue criticizing Mnet’s choice of location.

Issues between the two countries aren’t dying down any time soon; netizens already think negatively of those who plan on attending the ceremony.

The issue will likely affect actors more than singers; actors usually attend as presenters for the award ceremony. One agency representative explained that Kpop idols have no choice but to attend since it’s a major award ceremony but the same cannot be said about actors, it’s not as necessary for them to attend.

The representative added that actors would naturally try to avoid controversy and thus forgo attending the 2019 MAMA,

“Right now, the desire to attend this year’s ceremony is not the same as in the past years. There is definitely pressure about the danger of going to MAMA. Actors have to be careful since they don’t know what the response will be.”

2019 MAMA originally held the ceremony in Hong Kong but due to the recent protests they struggled finding a new location.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I understand the way Koreans think of this. I will not comment on who’s right and who’s not since I am not Korean or Japanese, and that’s theirs to figure out, but I am curious as to what the hell was going on in Mnet’s mind.

How on earth did they think it was a good idea to hold such a huge ceremony in Japan of all countries? Why not in Seoul? Why not in Singapore? Or any other SEA country that’s nearby? They released their decision during the height of this issue, what are they smoking for real?

It’s almost as if they’re asking people to bash them. I don’t want Kpop idols and actors to be bashed for attending the ceremony. MAMA has been getting less positive feedback in recent years and this certainly is not helping.

I don’t know who’ll attend and how netizens will react, but I suspect less popular actors would attend because the popular ones wouldn’t want to be bashed just to go on stage for 2 minutes to present an award.


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