YG Entertainment Issues A Warning After iKON Gets Mobbed By Aggressive Fans At The Airport

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iKON recently performed in Osaka, however, they had a very unpleasant situation happen to them in the airport.

Fans mobbing idols at the airport is not new news here but this is one of the most extreme dangerous cases this year.

Fans waited for iKON to arrive, there were huge crowds and the security failed to control the crowd. Fans were screaming and yelling trying to get the boys attention while security was trying to fight off fans who kept trying to get dangerously close to the members.

In one video you see a distressed bodyguard racing through the airport to be able to protect the boys. Another video shows Bobby getting hit in the face with a plushie presumably from a fan who wanted him to desperately have it.

YG Entertainment wrote an official statement to their blog in both Japanese and English, it serves as warning sign after the serious dangerous mobbing situation at the airport.

Here is the statement:

Last day, there was an unpleasant situation.

“Airport is a public place for everyone.
Therefore, occupying a public place can cause big chaos to general passengers and staffs related. Artists actually faced serious danger by certain behaviors of some people such as chasing them after at airport.

That was not a support at all. That was very harmful and risky behavior to everyone.

If the same situation like last day would be repeated, the artists won’t be able to use public transportations and to visit Japan.

In future, if there are people who do such behaviors causing safety issues, we will strictly restrict them from participating in any events or activities related iKON.

We fully aware that there are many of you who are very supportive with manners.
Please understand the reason to notice the inconvenient situation.

To protect your supported artists, we need your help and understanding.
Hope not to happen the same situation again for all.

Thank you for all your attentions and loves to iKON.”

here are some of videos from the incident:

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