YG Continues To Lose Trainees, Another “YG Treasure Box” Contestant Signs With A New Agency

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YG Entertainment has lost its 3rd trainee from “YG Treasure Box”!

On September 10, it was reported that Wang Jyun Hao left YG and signed a contract with OUI Entertainment. OUI Entertainment later issued a statement confirming that they signed a contract with Wang Jyun Hao.

Wang Jyun Hao previously competed on “YG Treasure Box” and “Produce X 101” but failed to make the final cut. He’s the 3rd YG trainee to sign a contract with OUI Entertainment. Previously, Kang Seok Hwa and Hidaka Mahiro both signed with OUI Entertainment.

This further solidifies the rumors that claimed YG trainees were leaving the company. TREASURE 13 debut has been delayed indefinitely following Yang Hyun Suk’s resignation since he was the one responsible for the group musical direction.

Some estimate that more YG trainees will end up leaving the agency soon as well. Trainees’ contracts are usually shorter, most agencies sign 1 year contracts with trainees, they renew it once every year.

OUI Entertainment is home to Kim Dong Han, X1’s Kim Yo Han and many others.

What do you think of the trainee’s decision?

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  1. It’s not totally beacuse of the scandel,may be they were already planning to leave after produce x101 cause they could not make it to final lineup of treasure 13. It was of no use to them to stay with yg cause they are already near the age when they should debut and after treasure 13,the next boy group debut will most probably be after 3 to 4 yrs maybe. And they can’t wait till then.

  2. It’s truly sad that so many talented trainees have been betting their whole young years towards debuting under YG ENT. All those young men worked themselves beyond the bone there and now all they’re left with is more fall throughs. The entire group of treasure should leave imo but honestly idk if they will have the same luck as Lee Byoung-gon and Kim Seunghun.

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