Will Red Velvet Wendy Spend Another Chuseok Alone Without Her Family?


Red Velvet Wendy has a special announcement to share!

Chuseok holiday is a national holiday in South Korea, it’s known as the “Korean Thanksgiving.” People usually spend time with their families.

However, that hasn’t been the case for Red Velvet Wendy for a long time. Red Velvet Wendy has spent many years alone during the Chuseok holiday because her family is the only one (among her members) that doesn’t reside in South Korea.

Red Velvet Wendy family resides in Canada, travelling there by plane will take about 2 days and the holiday is already short, it’s not worth the trip over for such a short period, Wendy explained that to her fans before. This is why Red Velvet Wendy has spent many Chuseok alone in their dorm; she also didn’t want to impose on her members so she didn’t tag along with any of them for the holiday.

Fans were wondering if this will be another lonely Chuseok to Wendy since it was previously revealed that Red Velvet will spend this Chuseok with their families.

Luckily for fans, this time, this won’t be the case. At a recent fansign, Wendy shared the happy news; she revealed that five years after her debut, she will finally get to celebrate Chuseok with her family. Her mother will travel to South Korea to see her daughter.

We hope that Wendy enjoys her special time with her mother!



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