Will Ku Hye Sun Try To Clear Her Name After Getting Exposed By Dispatch? Her Lawyer Answers

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Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun divorce has been the center of attention for a couple of weeks now.

What started as netizens siding with Ku Hye Sun ultimately turned around when Dispatch released messages between the couple, the report exposed a bad side to Ku Hye Sun and since then, netizens turned their backs on her after having initially supported her throughout the drama.

Since the report came out, Ku Hye Sun released a short statement claiming that Ahn Jae Hyun cheated on her with an actress from the set of his upcoming drama; this led to a lawsuit from Oh Yeon Seo who felt terribly wronged by her accusations.

After news of being sued came out, people became curious about how Ku Hye Sun plans on responding, she used to publish and delete instagram posts sharing her side of the story.

When SBS tried to visit her lawyer’s firm to ask him that, her lawyer told them they won’t be doing any interviews with any media or press. They respectfully declined.

Her lawyer had remained silent despite many key announcements. Ahn Jae Hyun’s lawyer on the other hand, has been conducting interviews sharing his client side of the story and clearing up misunderstandings.

Ahn Jae Hyun has already shared his plans of filing a divorce lawsuit against Ku Hye Sun and despite being previously vocal about her side of the story, Ku Hye Sun chose to remain silent. Many assume it’s based on her lawyer’s suggestion since she’s getting sued for accusing an innocent actress of something that can harm her reputation severely.

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What do you think of this? Do you think Ku Hye Sun should do interviews at this stage or not?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. Personally i’m think Sun is a mean vindictive person…first she tried to take everything Ahn had. That didn’t work now she accuses Oh….Stop Sun u keep ur things and he keep his…..Follow in the Songs footsteps.

  2. I don’t blame Sun for anything actually I pity her cause she might be telling the truth about her husband cheating on her but people decided to take her husband’s side. I’m also a woman who would actually try to save my marriage despite my husband’s character. At this time she’s in pain of losing the man she loves please try to understand her. Ku Hye dia be strong this storm shall pass and who knows maybe it will clear your sorrow . Keep fighting

  3. I think Koo is telling the truth. But i also think AJH is as well. I think these two got lost in communication. I believe AJH did something to break her trust and instead of admitting it he ran away frim his problems. And instead of KHS going about differently she lashed out. I don’t like these Dispatched people or the nietizens they are nothing but wishy washy people. Look what happened to her co star from BOF they did the same to him and the whole time turns out he was telling the truth. One day they’re on HS side the nexted JH side. Whatever i trust the truth which will remain with HS and JH

  4. You can see the power-play an experience behind him but through his agency things would have been different if she had an agency but unfortunately she tried being her own publicist and it didn’t work. I honestly think she is into something. I wish her well and hope she comes back stronger.

  5. something happened between them ..the real story you may never know..I was cheated on by my husband. and it’s a different level of anger .you want to get even no matter who you hurt even going so far as hurting your self.dont take sides .its up to them and how it works out

  6. It’s odd to go ghost after causing trouble for so many people. This will not set well in a court of law. Committing a crime because someone hurt you in the past is not excusable. During hurtful things because you don’t have a company is not excusable. Her actions are not the actions of a person trying to save their marriage. It’s the actions of someone who have a more sinister motive. I cannot speak on what happened leading up to her first post but everything afterwards doesn’t add up to what she claims.

  7. Woah… This is getting crazier by the week. Seeing all those texts makes me realize just how bad things have gotten between them. If all of the texts are real and not taken out of context then things aren’t looking favorable for Ku. Either way I’m not ready to take sides yet because I still don’t fully understand what is real or fake between their words towards each other. However I hope this event doesn’t brutally affect their careers because they are both talented in what they do.

    1. I’m not a fan of either. But from her actions, she looks like a manipulative, controlling, mean spirited person. She should have kept her dirty laundry private. Just give the guy a divorce already. Shes made it so bad causing trouble for so many. Why would he want to work things out now? No excuse to do the things she did. If I were her husband I’d try to get as far away from her as possible. I hope they both will be happier in the future.

      1. I totally think, she is a power control freak, I saw some of the episodes of their time together, at time u can tell she is not
        A warm person, and what she said about her husband was not nice, she likes to be in control. Besides that, it takes two, to destroy a marriage!!!

  8. Agree, I have family members still married to cheating spouses and at one point thought of leaving but never did. I think there is truth to both. I believe he cheated if not physically than definitely emotionally by seeking attention from other women. I think she is hurt by it and just desperately wanting to have that happy family that everyone wants. I hope she can come to sense that she’ll be a stronger person with out him, a hurtful relationship isn’t better than no relationship

    1. Hes not the bestie at all. His lawyer already set that straight. He was a business acquaintance and stopped communicating with JJY in 2015. Look it up for yourself.

  9. Dont you think that something that personnel should be kept in house and sorted why waste time trying to be hurtful life goes on and before you ask yes I’ve been there and i didn’t have time to think about being wilfull and mean. Its hurts i don’t disput that but if its gone its gone my marriage lasted two years i had two beautiful boys if i had to live it i would i couldnt live without them

    1. Totally agree. I’ve been there too. She chose to be mean spirited and vengeful and hurt people. Not everyone whose been in her shoes acts like that. It says a lot about her character. When I got my divorce, I just felt with it privately and moved on without mud slinging. And oddly enough, years later we are friends. She should stop while he has a tiny bit of respect for her.

  10. He is no longer in love eith her and shouldn’t be made to stay…. Hyesun is crazy…. Ahn Jaehyun, fighting!! I also really do hope Yeonseo sues Hyesun for spreading her lies!! Why can’t you people see Hyesun is the bad guy here??? She brought all of this on and now she is playing the silent game because dispatch revealed who she really is

  11. Taking her husband’s side is not the best option here,weather she’s telling the truth or not none of us known what really happened with the two.Husband, divorcing your wife is not best option too ,I except you both settle whatever it maybe amicably else if you are filled up with your wife or you both are tired of the marriage.I LOVE you both…seriously, you guys are so loving couple,I pray that God will interven into your marriage and bring it back.Please, devil is a liar you should not let it come in between you two.Try and calm down forget who you are or what you are and settle this.This shouldn’t come out public at the first time all the same I pray and I wish you guys good luck. And Ku Hye Sun,please for the sake of God or anything you believe in.Seek for forgiveness for the third party you are accused… I know you might be right or not only God knows but it won’t bring any good in your marriage please, am telling you nothing but the truth and Husband,behavior and be the Husband not just being Husband, if you through love your wife and you still want live and be with her forget whatever it is and please withdrew the lawsuit.Miss Oh Yeon Seo,I like you too.Am not a Korea but I so much love everything about and I love there movie. I watched them very well,so please forgive a d forget whatever it is for the sake of the gods you believe in.Thank you all and I wish to hear good news after

  12. I think getting the movie has gone to his head.
    Look at the new bleached hair and earring.He thinks he is all that and more. No one knew him until his marriage.

    Women should run from him.He is mentally unhealthy and narcessistic .
    It is obvious his wife placed him on a pedestal ,paid for so much and he bit by bit neglected and emotionally abused her by with holding love and respect.

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