Part 3 of “Arthdal Chronicles” is leaving fans wanting more!

On September 22, tvN “Arthdal Chronicles” aired its last episode, episode 18.

According to tvN, it was previously announced that “Arthdal Chronicles” would be split into three parts; some called them seasons while others referred to them as ‘parts.’

UPDATE: tvN Responds To Reports Of “Arthdal Chronicles” Getting A Second Seasons

Regardless, part 1 and 2 aired back to back while part 3 aired after the conclusion of the successful tvN series “Hotel Del Luna.” It was presumed that the 18th episode would be the final episode.

The cast of the drama even bid farewell “Arthdal Chronicles” through press releases thanking the writer, director, staff and viewers for their attention, hard work and love.

However, the plot development of “Arthdal Chronicles” is coming into question after the finale aired because many drew to the conclusion that there has to be more parts.

The ending was considered an open-ending that never really tied everything together. Many fans assume that there is still a lot more to the story and that “Arthdal Chronicles” had been building up anticipation for a bigger confrontation that never happened.

Note: spoilers ahead

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The screen shows a message after the final episode aired, it’s translated to “the legend of Arth Will continue again.”

The last part of the final episode (about 2 minutes long) is an animated short video about what could possibly be the actual finale; it shows an epic battle scene and the main characters coming together as fans anticipated.

Over social media, fans can’t stop talking about “Arthdal Chronicles” and the disappointing final episode. Many hope that tvN would soon release a statement to clarify if “Arthdal Chronicles” has another part/season or not.

Stay tuned for updates!

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What do you guys think of this? do you think there is another part?