Why VIPs Are Worried About BIGBANG T.O.P’s Health


BIGBANG T.O.P is worrying fans!

It hasn’t been long since BIGBANG T.O.P was discharged from the military. Since then, he’s been active on instagram routinely posting art work, selfies and more.

T.O.P also occasionally interacts with fans either by liking posts, comments or replying to them in some cases.

A couple of days ago, T.O.P posted a photo at a time when Korea is mostly asleep, so a fan asked him how much time he usually sleeps daily, he replied with, “3.”

T.O.P may be suffering from insomnia; he had previously also talked about not being able to sleep well in previous interviews. VIPs are worried about his health; many flocked to leave encouraging comments for the rapper like,

“Rest well.”

“Take care of yourself.”

“I hope you ate lots and rested well today.”

And more.

Are you also worried about T.O.P?


    • Please take care of yourself TOP ChoiSeunghyun Please eat And Rest allow yourself to peacefully sleep and give your body it’s relaxing time I know how bad it can be to have lack of sleep and wandering thoughts Try relaxing tea or Techniques to ease Yur mind We love you very much want Yu to be Healthy for the Big Come back of Big Bang

  1. Wishing you good health and can’t wait for you all to return to making great music. I think you are multi-talented and I hope you welcome all the love and support out there for you and Big Bang. Leave all the bad behind and keep looking forward to all the good ahead of you. I love you as a singer and love you even more as an actor! ❤️

  2. No. He’s ok. Probably just enjoying his free time. I know I would be…I have kids so I sleep 3 hours sometimes. Lol…No biggie. Happens when bored too. I think fans care a lot but are just a little restless or bored themselves while waiting for him to do something again on the entertainment scene. So, they are finding things to talk about. I hope he decides to do something soon though so that the focus turns away from his personal life so much. Jeepas. I kind of find it annoying myself. I know I would be so agitated if I were him. He can’t just conversate with a fan even about getting 3 hrs sleep without it being blown out of proportion. That must be tough to live with…


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