Why TWICE Mina Will Not Be Participating In “Feel Special” Promotions +Jihyo Didn’t Perform At Showcase

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TWICE Mina will unfortunately not participate in her group’s comeback promotions!

It was previously reported that TWICE Mina will take a hiatus after getting diagnosed with anxiety disorder and that her future activities will be selective and depend on her condition.

Despite that, TWICE Mina participated in her group’s comeback filming; JYP explained that Mina wanted to participate and thus she did with the help of the agency and her members.

On September 23, which marks TWICE comeback date with their newest album “Feel Special,” JYP announced that Mina participated in the album production but will not participate in the showcase or the promotions for their 8th min-album.

“Mina participated in producing the album, but will not to participate in the showcase and other activities for their eighth mini album.

We ask for your understanding.”

Not only that, but Jihyo remained seated during the showcase. JYP explained this in a statement as well, they revealed that her neck became stiff during rehearsals and that she already paid a visit to the hospital,

“She will not be able to dance, and perform while seated.”

During the press conference, Jihyo apologized to reporters and explained that the doctor advised her not to press stress on her neck and to rest. She says she took painkillers and will focus on recovering as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, TWICE new mini album dropped today. You can check out the title track below:

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