Why Netizens Are Worried About Ku Hye Sun After The Release Of Her Song “Must I Die”

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Ku Hye Sun is worrying netizens, again!

Ku Hye Sun previously revealed that she plans on releasing a song on September 27. This comes after her legal representative confirmed she’ll suspend all her entertainment activities after the publishing of her essay collection “I am your Pet.”

On September 27, Ku Hye Sun released a song called “Must I die,” a piano version of the same 2014 song. The song is written and composed by her and is arranged by Choi In Young.

She posted about the song to her instagram as well. As you’d expect, netizens and fans alike are worried about her. Many assume the song title seem to be referring to her husband Ahn Jae Hyun, whom had filed for divorce from her, and since then, she also revealed she’ll file a counter-claim as well.

Everybody seems to agree that it’s about him and the lyrics are worrisome to say the least, some of the lines read,

“Is there a tomorrow that’s better than yesterday?”

“Does hope become despair?
And memories become sin?
I hear the sound of you breathing in my ear
I can’t take this breakup.”
“Why should I live?”

“Should I die?”

“Nothing lasts forever.”

“I have lost my feelings, and you forever lost me.”

You can listen to it here.

On many Korean news articles that cover this story, netizens reactions range from worry to criticism. Some netizens are worried about her judging from the song lyrics, others are annoyed with her constant social media activities that damaged her image as well as harm others around her.

There are also many netizens who sympathize with Ahn Jae Hyun and wonder how he was able to last for 3 years with her. Many also asked of her to quit social media and focus on recovery and get help if she needs to.

What do you think of this?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. this is here way of coping for this she can express her emotion so let her be don’t judge her she put all her love to her husband divorce was easily said and done by ahn jae hyun so we should understand ko hye sun and always remember the person who has a greater love always the weaker one.

  2. I read a comment somewhere that Ku Hye Sun considers herself as living the life of a tragic heroin in her life story I believe she has a big problem if she becomes too immersed in it while fully taking advantage of the brouhahah created by this divorce… selling her books, her songs, videos, which many say are not even noteworthy.

  3. She is a narcissist in its truest form. She is definitely taking advantage of the situation she is in to sell her book, song, tragic tale.
    I would hope someone in her life would counsel her to stop posting these controversial things which are doing more harm than good.
    Best of luck to both of them in this difficult situation. But her attempt to manipulate the media and fans need to stop.

    1. What her real fans think:
      – try to get over him. Realize marring an actor rarely ends well. Actors romances usually last for duration of movie set. The nature of a job is against marrital happiness.
      – Come over to USA. You can find way better looking guy who is good human here. Marry non actor next time.
      – Get better soon we do want to see you in the movies. You are a great actress and your presense on the screen is the most powerfull. You still are the cutest of them all. The male actors who act next to you all became super famous as you kind of help to spark their star by your super star light.
      – act in more movies. We miss seeing you on the screen.
      – Do not fall in love with actors.
      – If you do fall in love again, try keeping it private as all couples who made their marriage too public later divorced.

  4. I do not think many should waste concern on her, since she is achieving exactly what she wants with her posts. 1. Gaining sympathy from her low IQ fans who actually believe she stayed in the hospital for weeks, for a one day operation. What a con job that was… ( Her stupid fans never thought to ask, if she was confined in the hospital from August 30, how was she able to post online her famous “house rules” list on September 3rd? Does she constantly carry them around in her unattractive bosom, or did her poor, sick, at deaths door mother, rush them to her in the hospital? Such a Lie!!! 2. She successfully took a jab at Ahn with her ” Start Over” post… She was NOT referring to herself. 3. She was able to again emotionally mobilize her fans to reproach/attack Ahn, and sell songs by pushing the buttons of said fans, with the famous “Must I Die” song, that seems to revive itself for each guy that has the good sense to run from her… 4. She was able to smirk at all her haters and current escapee, Ahn, with the the f you, sticking out of the tongue… She’s accomplishing
    exactly what she out to accomplish!!!

  5. She may be said wrong things did something to piss off her husband but as her fan I follow her job performance and do not care whom and how she loves or divorces.
    I wanted before this scandal and now to see her in the movies and not quit the industry.

    If we start following weaknesses of each actor in their personal life, we will have no movies left to watch because there are no perfect people.

    So her fans look above the grudge at bigger picture and not necessarily are of low IQ. Stereotyping people without even knowing them is wrong as well as getting involved into other family love life to the point of pushing to file for divorce is wrong. What if they both would hate people for that later?

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