Ku Hye Sun is worrying netizens, again!

Ku Hye Sun previously revealed that she plans on releasing a song on September 27. This comes after her legal representative confirmed she’ll suspend all her entertainment activities after the publishing of her essay collection “I am your Pet.”

On September 27, Ku Hye Sun released a song called “Must I die,” a piano version of the same 2014 song. The song is written and composed by her and is arranged by Choi In Young.

She posted about the song to her instagram as well. As you’d expect, netizens and fans alike are worried about her. Many assume the song title seem to be referring to her husband Ahn Jae Hyun, whom had filed for divorce from her, and since then, she also revealed she’ll file a counter-claim as well.

Everybody seems to agree that it’s about him and the lyrics are worrisome to say the least, some of the lines read,

“Is there a tomorrow that’s better than yesterday?”

“Does hope become despair?
And memories become sin?
I hear the sound of you breathing in my ear
I can’t take this breakup.”
“Why should I live?”

“Should I die?”

“Nothing lasts forever.”

“I have lost my feelings, and you forever lost me.”

You can listen to it here.

On many Korean news articles that cover this story, netizens reactions range from worry to criticism. Some netizens are worried about her judging from the song lyrics, others are annoyed with her constant social media activities that damaged her image as well as harm others around her.

There are also many netizens who sympathize with Ahn Jae Hyun and wonder how he was able to last for 3 years with her. Many also asked of her to quit social media and focus on recovery and get help if she needs to.

What do you think of this?