TWICE Mina Finally Returns To South Korea Tightly Holding Her Mother’s Hands

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TWICE Mina has returned to Seoul again!

TWICE Mina has been focusing on her recovery for a couple of months after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder. JYP explained that Mina’s health comes first and that they’ll support Mina on her road to recovery while she take a hiatus from her group activities.

However, it was also recently revealed that she participated in her group’s comeback MV filming. JYP explained that she wanted to do it so badly.

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On September 17, TWICE Mina was spotted at Gimpo Airport holding her mother’s hand tightly as she returned to Seoul. Reporters were there to snap her photo.

Netizens left encouraging comments on articles covering Mina’s return. Many wishing her well and encouraging her to take good care of herself, comments like ‘find strength,’ ‘fighting,’ ‘rest well,’ and more.

International fans have also been showing support for Mina using hashtags such as #weloveyoumina, #FeelSpecial_Mina, #NineOrNone and more.

Check out the video of her arrival below:

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  1. Fighting!!!! ❤️ Youre so beautiful!!! Youre so good!!! Take care always take your time to recover so that youll be fully recharge again!!! Were always here for you ❤️

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