TWICE “Feel Special” Performance On Melon Chart Is A Let Down, What Went Wrong?

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Something very weird is happening!

TWICE recently came back with “Feel Special,” their highly anticipated comeback is doing well on Korean charts but it’s not as good as many expected it to be.

On the biggest Korean music chart, Melon, “Feel Special” currently sits at #13 which is not how TWICE songs usually perform. One day after its release (on September 24), it ranked at #11.

With every previous title track, TWICE title songs usually remained at the number one spot on Melon for the first 24 hours after their release, this can be seen with “YES or YES,” “FANCY” and many others.

ONCE are extremely sad and disappointed to learn of this and have been trying even harder to help the girls chart better.

But what could be the reason behind the obvious decline?

Some netizens can’t find the reason; we’ll take a look at others who found what could have been potentially the deciding factor/s.

The first obvious reason is the fierce competition, currently, ballad songs, OSTs and indie artists songs sit at the top of the charts and have been for a while, its been a difficult year for Kpop groups to rank on Korean charts and to remain in good ranking for a while, it seems that TWICE were also hit with it as well.

Some of the best singers had recently had their comeback and they’re known for being chart monsters, Bolbbalgan4 and Jang Beom June are just some of them. AKMU also recently came back, with their newest song charting high, it pushed all other songs even lower.

The concept could be the issue. TWICE changed their concept for this particular comeback and went for the more mature princess concept which could be why the sales for this title track are lower than expected, some might not be familiar with this concept or not particularly fond of it. TWICE cultivated a following with their cutesy concept, so it could be that their fan base prefers this concept to other concepts.

Some also think its because of Mina’s absence. This is the first time TWICE ever promotes a comeback without a member. However, to counter this reason, many ONCE said the fandom wouldn’t abandon the girls because of one member health issues.

Regardless, fans can’t stop expressing their love for their newest title track.

What do you think the reason might be?

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