TWICE Dahyun outfit is gaining lots of buzz!

On September 26, TWICE Dahyun and the rest of her group showed up for M Countdown to perform their newest hit track “Feel Special.” Ahead of shooting, the girls posed at the photo booth, Dahyun’s outfit gained lots of attention for being similar to something legendary.

A lot of Kpop fans often regard J.Y. Park plastic pants legendary. Many consider them a fashion mistake but because of how outrageous they are, they’re considered legendary in the Kpop fashion industry.

Dahyun wore her own version of the infamous plastic pants. The outfit generated mixed responses from netizens. Some thought it was ugly but she pulled it off because she’s so beautiful, some think the stylist screwed up, and others think it looks great.

What do you think of her outfit? Do you think she pulled it off?



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